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doorBestuur Nederlandse Debatbond jul 13, 2018

EDS Tips and Tricks: How to recruit new members

Written by Lena Martinović   As it is July, most societies are starting to plan their promotional strategies on how to attract more m

doorBestuur Nederlandse Debatbond jul 5, 2018

Behind… Linsey Keur

Written by Anna Wesdorp Meeting someone and finding out that she will become a dear friend, is probably one of the best things that can ever h

doorBestuur Nederlandse Debatbond jun 20, 2018

Knowledge in debates: Motion Review Amsterdam Open

by Matt Hazell   Many motions in debating will have proper nouns in them, and examples are always useful in these cases. However, you

doorBestuur Nederlandse Debatbond jun 14, 2018

DDL: The Final Edition

Written by Jos Today is the final day of the Dutch Debating League! Filled with excitement because… I don’t know, Groningen and Tilburg ar

doorBestuur Nederlandse Debatbond jun 6, 2018

Interview with our own EUDC CA’s Daan and Gigi

Written by Huyen   Interview Novi Sad EUDC 2018 2018 marks the 20th installment of the European Universities Debating Championship

doorBestuur Nederlandse Debatbond apr 25, 2018

Maastricht mornings… In Belgium

Written by Mike Weltevreden The Maastricht Open is a semi special tournament to me. It has given me a mixture of positive and negative experie

doorBestuur Nederlandse Debatbond apr 17, 2018

Een kijkje achter de schermen bij het Nederlands Kampioenschap Debatteren!

Het verhaal van Roel Schoenmakers, co-convener NK Het was ongeveer 9 uur s’ avonds toen ik gevraagd werd om het NK te convenen. Ik zat net e

doorBestuur Nederlandse Debatbond apr 11, 2018

How has the debating landscape changed over the past five years in The Netherlands?

Written by Jos Buijvoets This will be an article examining the increase of tournament possibilities offered within The Netherlands. I will in