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doorHoofdredacteur Seventwenty nov 30, 2017

Toernooiverslag: Cicero 2017

  Op 25 november was het weer tijd voor het gezelligste debattoernooi van zuidelijk Nederland: het Cicero Toernooi. Georganiseerd door Mi

doorHoofdredacteur Seventwenty nov 28, 2017

Preview of Dutch Debating League #2: Leiden!

Dear debaters, Tonight is the second night of the Dutch Debating League. LDU has the honour to host this edition. After the previous edition i

doorHoofdredacteur Seventwenty okt 31, 2017

Commentary on Dutch Debating League #1: TUDDC

Good evening dear debaters, Last Tuesday was the kick-off of the Dutch Debating League (DDL). For those who are not familiar with the DDL, eig

doorHoofdredacteur Seventwenty okt 26, 2017

Preview of Dutch Debating League #1: Delft!

Geschreven door: Jos Buijvoets The first matchday of the Dutch Debating League will take place today! In this preview you’ll find all the pr

doorEUDC-, WUDC- and WSDC-reporter jan 4, 2017

Dutch Worlds Is Over: The Results

Dutch Worlds 2017 is officially over. Part of the Dutch delegation has made its way home again, while the organisation and some volunteers are st

doorEUDC-, WUDC- and WSDC-reporter dec 31, 2016

Dutch Worlds: To break or not to break?

The in-rounds of Dutch Worlds are over and the Dutch delegation is anxiously awaiting the results. The teams that were still ‘live’ to break

doorEUDC-, WUDC- and WSDC-reporter dec 29, 2016

Dutch Worlds Has Started: Day 1

After an exciting, but tiring, first day, I bring you the first update on the Dutch delegation at Worlds. Starting with a quick recap of what hap

doorEUDC-, WUDC- and WSDC-reporter dec 28, 2016

Getting Ready For The Big Day: The first report of the Dutch Delegation attending Dutch Worlds

Dutch Worlds has started and the delegation from the Netherlands has made an excessive effort in travelling from all provinces and small towns to