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WUDC Chennai 2014: The Break

In this post you can find out more about results, motions and participants of the in-rounds. Here we will keep you up to date on the break.
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doorEUDC, WUDC and WSDC Reporter

WUDC Chennai 2014: Updates and results

This year’s Worlds Universities debating Championships will be held from December 27th 2013 to January 4th 2014. Chennai will host over 1000 young individuals from all over the world for the biggest and most prestigious competition of the year. Seventwenty will keep you updated on the Dutch teams.  Meer lezen

doorBionda Merckens

A letter from South Africa WUDC 2016

This letter has been written by Dessislava Kirova, Deputy Chief Adjudicator for the South Africa bid, WUDC ESL finalist and DCA of Manchester Euros.

Dear Debaters of the Netherlands,

South Africa WUDC

Thank you very much for the opportunity to directly address you on behalf of the South Africa WUDC 2016 Bid.

We have published our extensive and detailed Bid Document for all to read and check after the aspects that are most important for them . In this brief article we would like to take the opportunity and talk about the aspects of inclusiveness and development that are at the heart of both the OrgComm and the A-Team.

A South Africa Worlds will welcome 520 teams from around the world. This will be the highest teamcap in history. Is it really necessary? It is if you want to keep Worlds competitive and make it more inclusive. Both established successful debating societies as well as emerging and growing societies will be able to send their talented to the most important debating competition of each season. The increase of the teamcap together with the lowering of the reg fee to a maximum of 330€ are the structural frame that will make a more inclusive Worlds possible. In addition we aim to provide 20 scholarships similar to Berlin Worlds to institutions that otherwise would not be able to attend at all.

We as the A-Team are dedicated to do our part of the work. Our detailed adjudication vision will be published in the next days, but here are some parts regarding inclusiveness. We aim to achieve an honest regional representation in our Independent Adjudicators’ (IA) pool without compromising on qualification. In order to achieve that goal all members of the A-Team will be committed to giving BP adjudication workshops throughout their respective regions and focusing on historically underrepresented or neglected areas. We want to deliver our share in building and developing adjudication skills in our regions and enlarging the pool of potential IA candidates. We also aim at a true representation at all levels of the competition: beginning with the A-Team, and continuing with all IAs, panels and judges that break. We will be transparent and accountable when it comes to the criteria we will be using in all those areas. Debaters and judges at Worlds deserve nothing less than a truly professional, transparent and accountable AdjCore.

And while we work hard to keep our promise to you, the fantastic OrgComm will bring you a warm and exciting tournament under the beautiful South African Rainbow. They are already working with and are being fully supported by both the University of Witwatersrand and the City of Johannesburg. They are all seasoned organisers of both debate tournaments like the South African Nationals as well as of various large-scale university events and conferences like One Young World this year.

We believe our OrgComm are well-situated to provide fantastic logistics for many reasons:

1) The OrgComm is comprised of individuals who have extensive experience on the ground in Johannesburg running large-scale national and international events. They have good relationships with all the University and State actors needed to run a WUDC because they have run similar events with these same people many times in the past. This institutional memory and on-the-ground experience is crucial to ensuring logistics run as smooth as possible.

2) Our bid has the full support of the Wits Debating Union, the University of Witswatersrand, and the City of Johannesburg. Our Orgcomm has set up long-term arrangements with these organisations to ensure that we can draw on their experience and work together to ensure everything runs smoothly.

3) Because an experienced and knowledgeable OrgComm wasn’t enough, the City of Johannesburg will be providing us with one of their top Professional Events Organisers who helped run the FIFA World Cup, the ICC World Cup (Cricket, not the International Criminal Court), and many other incident-free international events, to lead our OrgComm!

4) Our OrgComm are wonderful, devoted, and hard-working people. Having worked with them over the past few months putting this together, all three of us have immense faith in them. WUDC South Africa 2016 is their life, and they will devote their sole focus to running this competition over the next two years. We promise that they will wow you with their professionalism, efficiency, and dedication to detail just as they have wowed us with it over the past months.

5) They are also supported by some very experienced tabbers who have already promised that they are up to the challenge of tabbing the largest-ever Worlds.

We understand that finances are a crucial issue when it comes to WUDC. When it comes to accessibility, cost is a barrier we are eager to address. We have seen our fair share of wild assertions about the cost of flights to Johannesburg in the past few days! If you would like to get an idea of how much it will cost to get to Jo’Burg, please check out our bid document where we have compiled a list of flight costs from different places around the world, or check for yourself on CheapOair.com!
We have also struck a deal with South African Airlines to provide discounted flights to all delegates. This is in addition to providing the lowest reg fee in WUDC history, so we are doing our best to reduce financial barriers to attending WUDC. Beyond this, we are also pledging to open registration much earlier than seen before in order to ensure that flights can be booked well in advance of the competition, further lowering the cost of attending WUDC South Africa.

The other dimension of finances is obviously sponsorship, something our OrgComm have been hard at work trying to secure. Beyond the many private companies they are in negotiations with, including Coca-Cola, NedBank, KMPG, and McKinsey, they have secured sponsorship partnerships with the University, the Presidency of South Africa, and the City of Johannesburg, all of whom will work with the OrgComm using their professional networks and staff to help secure funding for the bid. The projected sponsorship from the University, Presidency and City alone is already 5 million South African Rand (€353,260). Most importantly, we offer financial and organizational transparency with our bid. We have budgeted for all of our finances to be audited by professional auditors, in addition to our counter-parts at Wits University and the City of Johannesburg. We will also be funding two WUDC Executive members to Johannesburg to inspect our preparations, venues, and organisation as part of our bid defence at WUDC Malaysia 2015.

And of course, one of the best parts of WUDC South Africa 2016 is the opportunity to visit the wonderful, bustling, and beautiful “Rainbow Nation.” Whether you want to meet the lion cubs of Lion Park Johannesburg, take in the history of South Africa at the Apartheid Museum, or discover the nightlife in the birthplace of Yakka, we promise you an incredible experience you will never forget. With unforgettable socials like creating the largest-ever peace march (followed by full social) on Mandela Bridge, we promise you a once-in-a-lifetime WUDC experience.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or any other member of the bid if you should have questions, comments or concerns. We all would be delighted and truly honored to win your support and meet you under the Rainbow in 2015!

Best, Pam, Saddiq, & Dessi.

doorBionda Merckens

A letter from Thessaloniki WUDC 2016

Thessaloniki WUDC

 The University of Macedonia, the Debating Society of Greece and Open Communication are proud to introduce their bid for the XXXVI  World Universities Debating Championships. Hosting Worlds is a solemn promise to ensure that largest debating competition on the planet continues to provide enjoyment, memories, friendship and opportunities to debaters and adjudicators from across the planet. We want to bring Worlds back to the home of debating and show you a tournament you’ll never forget.

Throughout the bid process every year, there’s lots of flash and big promises. We’ll have our share of that too, but we want to convince you that because of our experienced team, carefully laid plans and amazing host city and university, we’re the team to trust to bring you an amazing Worlds. Our bid is built around the fundamentals of a great debating tournament; it’s affordable, and inclusive, but also prioritising the things debaters want most – easy transport, debating rooms close to the briefing hall and the resources to bring in the World’s best judges.

On top of those foundations we want to show you the amazing sights, parties, culture, food and drink of Thessaloniki (the Lonely Planet called it the ‘ultimate party city’), Macedonia and Greece. Our country is also one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, having welcomed over 15 million people in 2012. Beyond the famous Acropolis in Athens and the hundreds of archaeological sites scattered around the country, our Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman heritage has left us a wide range of sights worth exploring. Modern Greece is a fun-loving hospitable country with a world-class nightlife and contemporary artistic and creative hubs, many of which are located in the city of Thessaloniki itself. Our socials will have unlimited free alcohol and large dance-floors to ensure the fun doesn’t stop when the debating ends. Given that all our venues are within 3 km of each other in the downtown of Thessaloniki, we are able to guarantee that you will be spending less time in buses and more time socialising with other participants.

Why should you trust us? We wanted to create a bid that is not dependent on inherently speculative claims about sponsorship in delivering its core promises. We are confident that we can run a great tournament with excellent adjudication and fun socials on registration fees (max 400 Euros) alone. We’re also confident that we won’t need to! Given our partners’ extensive networks of NGO’s and corporate partners and our experience in fundraising we’ll look to offer even more, for less. The Debating Society of Greece has been previously run events funded by the European Commission, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and local authorities in Greece, while past in-kind sponsors have included Heineken and Red Bull. Our org-comm have proven experience working at the epicentre of planning and organisation for Belgrade Euros, managing the finances and logistics at Athens WSDC 2009, convening half a dozen international opens, renowned for their on-time tabbing and scheduling and putting together and run over 40 national competitions in Greece, Finland and Serbia.

Driving the debating side of things at Thessaloniki WUDC 2016 is our dedicated and diverse adjudication core. Our CA Manos Moschopoulos has been in the adjudication core of over 24 international debating tournaments in Britain, Europe and the Middle East, has judged the ESL final of the European Universities Debating Championship and the finals of the Cambridge, SOAS and Paris IVs, while as a debater, he was the World’s Best ESL Speaker. Tasneem Elias joins the team as DCA having won WUDC ESL and been Worlds breaking adjudicator twice, while also DCAing Australs, PAUDC, OIC Debates, SMU Hammers, EF Malang Indonesia, Malaysian Debate Open. DCA Chris Bisset was the joint Best Speaker at Berlin Worlds and the Champion and Best Speaker at Australs in Wellington. Since judging the ESL grand final at Worlds he has been the DCA at UT Mara Australs 2013 and a DCA of the Australian Intervarsity Debating Championships. They’ll be joined by three DCAs appointed in keeping with the need to ensure regional, gender and language diversity. All members of our team regularly attend competitions and will continue to spreading debate to new communities, having already run hundreds of tournaments and workshops all over the world.

To add to that, we are delighted to have a Director of Training in Nita Rao that will revolutionise the way our competition approaches training. Nita will head workshops during the event itself that will help the participants gain more valuable skills from participating at Worlds. WUDC is in a unique position to benefit the global debate community by making sure that as many debaters as possible can attend, while also boosting the quality of their feedback and development at the event.

Thessaloniki is incredibly positioned to be one of the most affordable destinations. Europeans from twenty cities are treated with a huge number of affordable flights directly to Thessaloniki thanks to low-cost giants Ryanair and easyJet hubbing from our city. Greece itself, as a top international destination for business and leisure, is very well linked to international airline networks as the home of Aegean Airlines, a Star Alliance carrier. Our team recently found that it is between 15% and 40% cheaper to get to Thessaloniki then it is to get to Johannesburg from cities such as Bangkok, Beijing, Tokyo, New York, Toronto and Los Angeles.

The comparatively lower cost of getting to Thessaloniki means that our guaranteed €50,000 in adjudication subsidies will go a long way. It will allow us to bring at least 70 world-class chair judges and create a diverse high quality pool. As this is one of our top priorities, we will also allocate any sponsorship funds towards strengthening our adjudication pool.

We look forward to sharing more of our plans with you in the lead up to Worlds in Chennai. We hope that you’ll trust us to deliver an amazing debating experience in Thessaloniki 2016!

doorBionda Merckens

Research has shown that…

It’s unbelievable, but some people still try to win debates with the argument that ‘scientific research has shown that…’. We should know better than to quote the last headline from some random internet source.

But suppose that you’re sitting on what you believe to be a ‘killer fact’ – something that can win the debate for you immediately. How then should you use it, if you want to avoid saying ‘research has shown that…’?

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doorMascha Bloemer

On Style, Judging and Ingrained Biases

This blog post was originally written by Daan Welling. You can find the original blog post here.
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IDAS 2013

Now for the eleventh time in a row Za in Proti, the national debate program of Slovenia, and the World Debate Institute of the University of Vermont (USA) are organising the International Debate Academy Slovenia (IDAS). This week is a bootcamp for students, trainers and those who want to organise a tournament. The event closes with a tournament (6 rounds, Worlds Format) in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Saturday November 23:

Today is arrival day, about 110 persons (including trainers) from all over the world. Think: China, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Kazahstan, Kosovo, Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, USA and Venezuela. We are staying in the incredibly nice Alpine Resort Hotel Špik near the border of Slovenia with Austria and Italy. After dinner we get an introduction to the program of coming week and we get a show debate on the motion: THW ban unpaid internships. Everyone is happy when the debate is over and one can sleep of another part of their jetlag. But not before all teams for the debate tournament have been formed and communicated.


Sunday till Thursday:

After breakfast a short introduction of the day is given and then we start. At 9:00h our first lecture, we are divided in three groups based on level, experience (in years and number of tournaments) and on the basis of nationality. The given lectures are on for example strategy. After an hour we continue with a round of exercises. Also divided in smaller groups, we discuss different strategies and approaches to different motions. Right after we are finished, the motion of the first round drops: TH regrets the Sochi Olympics. Worlds format, seven minute speeches, feedback and results followed, finally, by lunch. We have a bit time left to relax before two rounds of electives start. These are small classes on specific subjects or on specific techniques. Think of POIs for beginners, the ABC of human rights, statehood and secession, advocacy and lobbying and so on. Followed by, yes, another debate. We help ourselves to dinner and in the evening we got a social.

Motions on Sunday:

Morning debate: TH regrets the Sochi Olympics.

Afternoon debate: THW support the right to secession.

Social on Sunday:

All the countries brought something special of their country and in the bar downstairs we are organising a country exhibition. Which means we spend the evening drinking vodka, eating stroopwafels while being covered in protective eyes of Turkey. Although it is nice and cosy, all know where to find their beds early in the evening. A combination of jetlag and exhaustion due to active participation I would guess.


Monday November 25

The sun is shining and while we have an incredible view on the Alps, we continue sucking up debating strategies, tactics and theories. Here are today’s motions and a short overview of the social.

Motions on Monday:

Morning debate: When applying for adoption, THW positively discriminate in favor fo same-sex couples.

Afternoon debate: TH regrets German domination of the EU.

Social on Monday:

Exhaustion doesn’t play a role here at all. They come by our rooms, drag us out of our beds, ok more or less voluntary and with help of room mates. There is no choice but going down to the bar and enjoy the ‘Squirrel games’. And where most of you would directly think of the debate implications, no it was simply about succeeding in tasks to escape our imprisonment by the squirrels in the forest that surrounds us. From pictionary to drinking games to human knots, we got it all. In the end the ‘Whoehaha’s’ unfortunately took the title of Master of the Squirrels  over the ‘What’s left’? Well let’s just say that sometimes it is better not to be able to mimic THB there is no day after tomorrow, than to be called ‘Master of the Squirrels’ for the rest of the week.


Tuesday November 26

Another day of debating, lectures and fun.

Motions on Tuesday:

Morning debate: THBT the Nobel Prize Committee should cancel the Nobel Peace Prize of Barack Obama.

Afternoon debate: THW make all public toilets unisex.

Social on Tuesday:

Today the afternoon debate and the social were switched. For those who do not know yet, we are in one of the most amazing hotels in the Alps enjoying the well-deserved good life of a debater. To give us the chance to actually use the inside pool, a pool party in the afternoon is welcomed widely. This gives us a pool full of debaters playing Marco Polo, the guys showing off on each others shoulders and all in turns relaxing in the Jacuzzi.


Wednesday November 27

Today lectures are about poi’s mainly. What to do, when to do it and how to do it.

Motions on Wednesday:

Morning debate: THBT governments should actively discourage consumer lifestyles.

Afternoon debate: TH supports the force feeding of incarcerated hunger strikers.

Social on Wednesday:

Those who wanted to do an act were invited to sign up and come to the bar downstairs. When in the end no one signed up at all, it was said that each country should do something. This created an evening of very bad Romanian music, although very much appreciated, classical American songs in karaoke, guitar playing, dancing and even an martial arts demonstration.


Thursday November 28

Last day of trainings, last day in the hotel and the last day of practise debates.

Motions on Thursday:

Morning debate: THW ban multinational beverage corporations.

Afternoon debate: THW grant to all indigenous groups the right to their own legal system based on their traditions.

Social on Thursday:

Just a tip for those who organise socials: providing debaters with a kitsch party might just get you the evening of a life time. Clothes were exchanged, swim suits came out to have a whole other purpose and a lot of the stereotypes were met. Even though the internet wasn’t always supporting the music, enough Ipods came up with classic songs and music to go all the way.

The motions of the tournament:

Round 1: TH will impose a tax to reduce the gender pay gap.

Round 2: THBT EU nations should stop cooperating with the USA on intelligence matters.

Round 3: THW not watch pornography.

Round 4: THW pay reparations to European Roma.

Round 5: THBT all corporations should become cooperatives owned and operated by workers.

Round 6: THBT the dead are the property of the state.


Breaking teams: Team (points, speaks)

1. Woodward Beaton (16, 979)

2. Senghas Solnick (15, 950)

3. Koruza Medvedsek (13, 937)

4. Kukavica Munda (13, 928)

5. Groenewald Craffert (13, 928)

6. Hrzic Cvikl (12, 947)

7. Surdea Toade (12, 936)

8. Kruchkow Munsil (12, 909)

9. Lukomska Decharne (12, 909)

10. Aggerwal Tumas (11, 927)

11. Smigoc Persak (11, 919)

12. Mehedinti Cimpeanu (11, 916)

13. Polsak Svagan (11, 911)

14. Berger Cvikl (11, 907)

(15.) Porter Cope (10, 937)

(16.) Mata Villegas (10, 902)

Motion quarterfinals: THW not induce a tax on bitcoins.




OG: Aggerwal Tumas

OO: Senghas Solnick

CG: Berger Cvikl

CO Koruza Medvedsek

Room 13

OG: Mehedinti Cimpeanu

OO: Groenewald Craffert

CG: Lukomska Decharne

CO: Woodward Beaton

Motion semi-finals: THW apply universal jurisdiction to crimes against the environment.



OG: Aggerwal Tumas

OO: Koruza Medvedsek

CG: Woodward Beaton

CO: Lukomska Decharne

Motion final: THBT the recent Geneva agreement with Iran will fail.

Congratulations to Stephen Beaton and Trevor Woodward of the US Air Force Academy on winning IDAS 2013, as well to Stephen for being best speaker (82,33 average).

Thanks also to Za in Pronti and the University of Vermont for organising, the huge faculty of providing the best trainings and never be tired of giving feedback.

doorMascha Bloemer

Thessaloniki Bids for WUDC 2016

This article was originally posted on Achteminute, the German equivalent of Seventwenty. You can find it here.

Here you can find the link to the actual bid video of Thessaloniki WUDC 2016.

When on Saturday a teaser video poped up in Facebook, promising that a “debate related event will take place in 2016″ accompany by Syrtaki music,  rumours araised that Greece will bid for World Universities Debating Championship 2016.  The Debating Society of Greece and the Open Communication Debating Network then proudly presented the University of Macedonia bid for WUDC 2016 at the Cambridge IV. The Championship are to be held 27 December 2015 – 4 January 2016 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The host city of Thessaloniki has been a metropolis of international standing since the Roman times, being an important trade and cultural centre for the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Today, as a major hub in Southeastern Europe, it is one of the world’s ultimate party cities according to Lonely Planet and will be the European Youth Capital for 2014.

Not very much is know so far. The Orgcom is a joint effort of the Debating Society of Greece with Open Communication. It will feature people that will have run two editions of EUDC by next year and a number of large IVs and Opens around the region. They hey only stated that they have secured a four star city centre hotel, the tournament will be hosted in a modern urban campus and that they have the full backing of both the City of Thessaloniki and the University of Macedonia.  The Org Comm confirmed, that they are getting ready to put their website online on Friday: “We have a lot of details in place already but we’re keeping them for our big launch!”

You can watch their video, and check out their Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter. Lets see if debating comes home eventually.

doorBionda Merckens

EurOpen: Break Rounds and Results!

Team tab

Speaker tab


The winner of the EurOpen 2013 is Canada East! Congratulations.

Best non-native team: Czech Republic Red

Top speakers:

1. Peter Coczanski (Canada West; average 73,4583)

2. Nasra Moumin (Canada West; average 73,2000)

3. Jangkyu Lee (Korea; average 73,1282)

4. Karl Valentini (Canada East; average 72,9000)

5. Swish Goswami (Canada East; average 72,8333)

6. Anzal Faran Baig (Czech Four; average 72,7708)

7. Graeme Climie (Canada West; average 72,5667)

8. Amy Bakx (Netherlands 1; average 72,3194)

9. Behbod Negahban (Canada West; average 72,3000)

10. Lloyd Liall (Canada East; average 72,2456)


Top non-native speakers:

1. Jangkyu Lee (Korea; average 73,1282)

2. Anzal Faran Baig (Czech Four; average 72,7708)

3. Amy Bakx (Netherlands 1; average 72,3194)



Motion: THW offer dictators immunity in return for leaving power

Canada West 3 – 6 Canada East



Motion: THW tie development aid to women’s rights

Semifinal 1: Korea 0 – 7 Canada West

Semifinal 2: Canada East 6 – 1 Czech Republic Red



Motion: THBT doctors should be required to report cases of domestic abuse to the police

Quarterfinal 1: Canada West 3 – 2 Israel

Quarterfinal 2: Canada East  –  England 2

Quarterfinal 3: Karlsgymnasium Stuttgart  –  Czech Republic Red

Quarterfinal 4: Netherlands 2 1 – 4 Korea



Motion: THBT censorship of the media has no place in the modern age

Octofinal 1: Canada West  –  Romania Central

Octofinal 2: Canada East –  Denmark

Octofinal 3: Karlsgymnasium Stuttgart  –  Israel 2

Octofinal 4: Korea Underestimated 0 – 3 Netherlands 2

Octofinal 5: Korea  –  Czech Republic Four

Octofinal 6: Czech Republic Red  –  Czech Republic White

Octofinal 7: Toron Korea  –  England 2

Octofinal 8: Germany Black  –  Israel

The break:

1. Canada West (8 wins, 21 judges, 6092 speaks)
2. Canada East (7 wins, 22 judges, 6080,5 speaks)
3. Karlsgymnasium Stuttgart (7 wins, 21 judges, 5938 speaks)
4. Netherlands 2 (7 wins, 20 judges, 6033,5 speaks)
5. Korea (7 wins, 20 judges, 6030,5 speaks)
6. Czech Republic Red (7 wins, 19 judges, 5976 speaks)
7. Toron Korea (6 wins, 17 judges, 5973,5 speaks)
8. Germany Black (6 wins, 17 judges, 5931,5 speaks)
9. Israel 1 (6 wins, 16 judges, 5964,5 speaks)
10. England 2 (6 wins, 16 judges, 5908 speaks)
11. Czech Republic White (5 wins, 15 judges, 5877 speaks)
12. Czech Republic Four (5 wins, 14 judges, 5944 speaks)
13. Korea Underestimated (5 wins, 14 judges, 5933,5 speaks)
14. Israel 2 (5 wins, 14 judges, 5892 speaks)
15. Denmark (5 wins, 13 judges, 5925,5 speaks)
16. Romania Central (4 wins, 16 judges, 5881 speaks)

doorBionda Merckens

EurOpen: Live Blog

The setup of the tournament is explained here. The daily impressions and stories are retold here.

Netherlands 1: 4 wins 14 judges

Netherlands 2: 7 wins 20 judges


Rd 1: TH demands that citizens wishing to vote must pass a competency test

Rd 2: THW prohibit the sale of goods produced under conditions which harm the workers or put them at avoidable risk

Rd 3: THW not give organs to non-donors

Rd 4: THBT the European Union did not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize

Rd 5: THW legalise performance enhancing drugs in sports

Rd 6: THBT migrants should only be granted permanent residency based on economic contribution

Rd 7: THW prohibit the sale of goods produced under conditions which harm the workers or put them at avoidable risk

Rd 8: THBT the European Union did not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize



Round 1:

-Netherlands 1 1 – 2 CZE Red

-Netherlands 2 1 – 2 Canada West

Round 2:

-Israel 2 1 – 2 Netherlands 1

-Germany Red 1 – 2 Netherlands 2

Round 3:

-CZE White 0  – 3 Netherlands 1

-St. Benno Dresden 1 – 2 Netherlands 2

Round 4:

-Lithuania 2 – 1 Netherlands 1

-Netherlands 2 3 – 0 Viking Denmark

Round 5:

-Netherlands 1 0 – 3 Karlsgymnasium Stgt

-Netherlands 2 3 – 0 CZE Red

Round 6:

-Canada West 2 – 1 Netherlands 1

-Aci High School Istanbul 0 – 3 Netherlands 2

Round 7:

-Netherlands 1 3 – 0 GBG Winnenden

-Joh. Kepler Gymnasium Stgt 0 – 3 Netherlands 2

Round 8:

-Netherlands 1 3 – 0 Israel 3

-Netherlands 2 3 – 0 CZE Four