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doorBionda Merckens

Manchester EUDC: Reports and impressions, Day 7. August 24.

Day 7 is really, really the last day of EUDC Manchester 2013. Of course the last rounds took place yesterday, but today is departure day for most of us. We had to leace our accomodation before 11 AM. Some of us had already left in order to catch their flight back to Amsterdam. Also, some Dutch people would stay for a few more days in the UK to visit some friends or to catch the cheapest flight they could find while booking.

This EUDC the Dutch delegation did amazingly well, with Groningen in the finals being the highlight of the tournament. The Groningen team did not even expect to break, but fortunately they debated to the last. The other breaking team, Roosevelt B, did very well in the quarters. And of course we may not forget our Dutch judges. Five of them broke to the quarters, one of them (Daan WElling) judged the (Open) Finals. The Dutch delegation was really big this EUDC and we hope you’ve all had an amazing tournament. See you next year in Zagreb!


doorBionda Merckens

Manchester EUDC: RESULTS

And now, finally, RESULTS!!

First of all we want to congrat Daan Welling for being the best speaker in the Debating League of Europe and the Utrecht Debating Society for being the best debating society in the league.

Several Dutch people were in the ESL Top Ten Best speakers. Bionda Merckens from Roosevelt became 8th Best ESL Speaker, while Henk van Zuilen from Groningen B became 4th and Andrea Bos from KCL A took a 3rd place. Congrats to all!!

But now, you want to know who won the ESL Grand Final. This was the team in…

Opening Opposition: Lund A!

Cambridge A has won the Open Grand Final.

Best speaker of the Open category is Sally Rooney from TCD Hist with 85 (!!) speakerpoints average.

Download the full tab from this link: 

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Manchester EUDC: Reports and impressions, Day 6. August 23

Day 6 is the day the Finals will take place in the beautiful Palace in Manchester City. As you’ve probably heard, Groningen is still in the run to become the next ESL European Championship in debating. After we had breakfast in the University Place, it was time for the ESL Finals to start in the luxuous Palace Hotel. Meer lezen

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Manchester EUDC: updates on outrounds

Hier houden we bij hoe de teams het doen in de finalerondes. Ververs deze pagina regelmatig door op f5 te drukken. Toevoegingen of correcties zijn welkom in de comments. Overzicht na de lees verder. Meer lezen

doorBionda Merckens

Manchester EUDC: Reports and impressions, Day 5. August 22.

On day 5 it’s time for the outrounds in Old Trafford after a nice breakfast in de University Place. Coaches bring us to the outrounds area, where some announcements are made. After we had been arrived at Old Trafford the outrounds could start. Meer lezen

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Vacatures Bondsbestuur nog open!

Wil jij je inzetten voor het wedstrijddebat in Nederland? Wil jij op strategisch niveau op zoek gaan naar oplossingen voor de debatwereld? Kun je vanuit een positie boven de partijen verschillende belangen goed bijeenbrengen? Overweeg dan eens om te solliciteren naar een bestuursfunctie bij de Nederlandse Debatbond.

Op dit moment heeft de Debatbond vacatures voor bestuursfuncties met ingang van oktober 2013.

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Manchester EUDC: Break Announcements

We’re trying to publish the break announcements as soon as we can. Due to a failing WiFi-connection we were not able to give you updates immediately after the break announcements and we are sorry for that. However, we’ve updated this list with a list of breaking Dutch judges.

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Manchester EUDC: Reports and impressions, Day 4. August 21

Today is an exciting day, since all rounds are closed and the break will ne announced in the evening. According to the tab of round one to six (see the results post on this blog), some teams are very likely to reach the break. Until now, the results aren’t bad at all, with results varying from 6 to 12 points after day 2 the Dutch delegation is doing well. The results of the last three rounds will be published after the break is announced. Meer lezen

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Manchester EUDC: Reports and impressions, Day 3, August 20

With most Dutch teams doing well on the first day of preliminary rounds, the  start of day two was exciting and for some relatively stressful. After all being signed in, and barely making it back on time after a quick coffee at Starbucks round 4 was ready to draw. On a motion about automated surveillance without court authorisation most teams were quite happy with their speeches despite some varying results. Meer lezen

doorBionda Merckens

Manchester EUDC: Reports and Impressions, Day 2. August 19

On day 2 the first three preliminary rounds will take place in four of the buildings of Manchester University. All announcements are made in the University Place (UP), in two big lecture halls. Fortunately most rooms are not that hard to find. This is also the building where everyone needs to register in order not to be cut from the tab. Meer lezen