Manchester EUDC: Reports and Impressions, Day 2. August 19

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Manchester EUDC: Reports and Impressions, Day 2. August 19

On day 2 the first three preliminary rounds will take place in four of the buildings of Manchester University. All announcements are made in the University Place (UP), in two big lecture halls. Fortunately most rooms are not that hard to find. This is also the building where everyone needs to register in order not to be cut from the tab.

After a few announcements about Equity and the tournament itself, the first draw is run by the CA-team. Everyone goes to their rooms to prepare for the very first round on EUDC Manchester 2013. The first motion is about violence in gaming. In this round the results for the Dutch teams are really different. Some teams get a first without any doubt, but there are also teams that are just in a very strong room and get a fourth. In general, the Dutch teams didn’t do bad at all in the first preliminary round.

During lunch the Dutch delegation goes outside in order to discuss certain topics a representative (Karin Merckens) needs to vote for in Pre-Council. Both Durham and Zagreb try to convince us that we really need to vote for them for EUDC 2014. Every country only has one vote, so it is important to give our vote to the society that can give us the most fun and best organised EUDC 2014. We also have to vote for a few other things. After an intensive discussion everyone goes back to the lecture hall in order to listen to the announcements and next round’s motion.

The debates in the second round were not bad at all. However, some of the teams still got a fourth, due to their very strong opponents. Fortunately some did an excellent job and won both rounds. The second round was about development aid and led to lots of nice debates about morality and the role of the state. After the last round of the day we went to the Jabez Clegg pub for dinner and the social. This day has been  exhausting for many but also exciting. The Dutch teams have done a very good job today, let’s see what tomorrow will bring!


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