Manchester EUDC: Reports and impressions, Day 4. August 21

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Manchester EUDC: Reports and impressions, Day 4. August 21

Today is an exciting day, since all rounds are closed and the break will ne announced in the evening. According to the tab of round one to six (see the results post on this blog), some teams are very likely to reach the break. Until now, the results aren’t bad at all, with results varying from 6 to 12 points after day 2 the Dutch delegation is doing well. The results of the last three rounds will be published after the break is announced.

Round 7 starts with a slight delay, due to some teams and adjudicators not showing up on time. This round contains a motion about international relations, which is not an easy one to debate about. Though, as far as we’ve heard teams felt they did quite well in this round.  After round 7 it’s time for a nice lunch, with many people queuing in front of the restaurant. Lunch is nice and round 8 is about to start.

Round 8 containes an infoslide and is about of Obama was right in granting immunity to officials who ordered the use of torture. This results into many different debates, from the importance of the law to the right of body integrity and the right to gain information. Afterwards it’s time for some tournament announcements such as the Vienna IV 2014, Oxford IV 2013, UCU Open and the RA Open 2013.

Then it is time for the very last preliminary round of EUDC Manchester 2013. For many of the participants this is even the last round of the tournament. The last motion is about cash versus goods and services, resulting in an interesting debate about the choices people have and the necessity of basic and luxury goods. Afterwards everyone goes to Jabez Clegg to have dinner and to hear the break announcements. It’s breaking night!

Breaking night is really exciting. We now know that some of our independent judges, KCL, Roosevelt and Groningen didn’t have their last debate for this tournament and are busy judging or speaking tomorrow. See you in the outrounds!


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