Manchester EUDC: Reports and impressions, Day 5. August 22.

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Manchester EUDC: Reports and impressions, Day 5. August 22.

On day 5 it’s time for the outrounds in Old Trafford after a nice breakfast in de University Place. Coaches bring us to the outrounds area, where some announcements are made. After we had been arrived at Old Trafford the outrounds could start.
First we heard which teams were in which room, after which we could decide where to go. Since the Open Quarters were first, we decided all to go to the second Quarter Final, since KCL A was in Opening Opposition in there. They were competing against Oxford, Cambridge and TCD Hist. After the Open Quarters the ESL Quarters took place. The Dutch delegation watched the Quarters where Groningen (CG) and Roosevelt (CO) competed against each other. It was a really nice and interesting debate, after which the Dutch teams congratulated those who debated in the quarters.

We were not sure what to expect when the break to the ESL Semis was announced. We were very happy to hear that Groningen made it. Unfortunately Bionda and Bas from Roosevelt A didn’t reach the Semis, but they did a great job in the Quarters debate.

First the ESL Semis took place, resulting in a nice and strong debate where most of us had no idea what would happen. The Open Semis were also very interesting and the level of the debate was very high. Afterwards we went to the pub were the break to the finals would be announced.

After a long time waiting we finally got the results from the CA-team and Semis judges. The Dutch delegation was incredibly happy to hear that our Groningen team made it. They have to compete against Tel Aviv, Lund and Berlin tomorrow. Will Groningen do the same as Daan Welling and Menno Schellekens from Leiden did last year? Will they win the ESL Finals? We will see it tomorrow!


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