Manchester EUDC: RESULTS

doorBionda Merckens

Manchester EUDC: RESULTS

And now, finally, RESULTS!!

First of all we want to congrat Daan Welling for being the best speaker in the Debating League of Europe and the Utrecht Debating Society for being the best debating society in the league.

Several Dutch people were in the ESL Top Ten Best speakers. Bionda Merckens from Roosevelt became 8th Best ESL Speaker, while Henk van Zuilen from Groningen B became 4th and Andrea Bos from KCL A took a 3rd place. Congrats to all!!

But now, you want to know who won the ESL Grand Final. This was the team in…

Opening Opposition: Lund A!

Cambridge A has won the Open Grand Final.

Best speaker of the Open category is Sally Rooney from TCD Hist with 85 (!!) speakerpoints average.

Download the full tab from this link: 

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