Live: Roosevelt Open 2013

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Live: Roosevelt Open 2013

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Congratulations Rogier and Anne for winning the Roosevelt Open 2013!
For further results, please scroll down.

It is finally time for the Roosevelt Open 2013, the second edition of which will take place in the lovely city of Middelburg. This edition will be CA’ed by Daan Welling, his DCA’s are Kitty Parker-Brooks, Simon Tunnicliffe and Ruairidh Macintosh. Karin Merckens will be the Equity Officer. Co-conveners will be Sarah Rust and Bionda Merckens. Sebastiaan Noordam will be tabbing this Roosevelt Open.

Today two out of five inrounds will take place, while tomorrow the last inrounds, semis and finals will take place. Speeches are seven minutes in length.

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Registration is almost closed and we will have dinner in a few moments, after which the first two inrounds will take place.

After some announcements have been made by the conveners and the Equity officer it is time to queue up for dinner. Dinner was fine and round 1 has just been closed.

The motion for round 1 reads: THW no longer arrest or prosecute any members of drugs gangs operating in highly violent areas if gang leaders agree to hold all turf wars.

After round 1 we go immediately through to round 2. The motion for this round reads: THW suspend all regulations and policies regarding environmental protection during extended periods of economic recession.

We go immediately to the social after this round has been ended. See you tomorrow!


Day 2

The next day it was time for the last inrounds and the outrounds. The first round started about half an hour too late, but the first round of this day was fine. The motion for round 3 has 2 infoslides about the SGP and the case against them bij de ECHR. The motion read: TH regrets that in the case of the SGP vs. The Netherlands the ECHR ruled in favour of The Netherlands. This resulted in some interesting debates about religion and discrimination. Round 3 is the last open round. That means that round 4 and 5 will not have immediate feedback. All participants can get their results after the break announcements.

Round 4 was a tough round with a motion many people did not understand immediately. The motion read as follows: THBT the ICC should hire private military contractors to arrest individuals who refuse to surrender after an indictment. After this round no feedback will be given, since this is a closed round. We will hear more about it after the break announcements. First we have a nice lunch, after which the last inround starts.

The motion of round 5 reads: TH welcomes the rise of new online media at the expense of traditional journalism. This is also a closed round, just like the 4th round. After this round is over all participants will hear the break announcements, after which results of the last two rounds can be asked for from the judges.



Main break to semis:

1. 99 problems but a bid ain’t one (15p)

2. Dinosaurs (12)

3. UDS A (11)

4. Cow and Chicken (11)

5. Duncanson (11)

6. BS (10)

7. Rob was adopted (10)

8. BBU Porto (9)


Break to novice final:

1. WSDC Semma (8)

2. Swing A (7)

3. UDS C (6)*

4. UCU BB (6)


* = Actually Erasmus B was announced to break here, but unfortunately this was not a fully novice team.


Semi 1:

OG Duncanson

OO Cow and Chicken

CG 99 problems

CO BBU Porto


Semi 2:


OO Dinosaurs

CG Rob was adopted



Novice final:


OO Swing A





Novice final: THBT schools should instill unrealistically high expectations in students from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

Main (with infoslide): THBT the Israeli LGBT movement should publicly oppose pink-washing.




Winner novice final: UDS A (3-2 split)


Breaking to the finals:

Semi 1:

1. CG: Danique and Benjamin

2. OO Senna and Tomas (with a 4-1 split)


Semi 2:

OO Rogier and Anne

CG Rob and Uche


The motion for the finals of the Roosevelt Open 2913 reads: THBT ‘I was just following orders’ is a legitimate defence in cases of war crimes and crimes against humanity.’

This final is chaired by Andrea Bos, together with Bionda, Jennie, Daan and Ruairidh.



OG: Rogier and Anne

OO: Tomas and Senna

CG: Ben and Danique

CO: Rob and Uche


After a nice and amusing final it is finally time to announce the results. First all people helping out during the tournament are thanked. Then some other results are annonuced.


Top ten speakers:

9. Three people with 79 speakerpoints average.

Calin from BBU Porto
Tomas Beerthuis
Senna Maatoug

8. 79,2 average: Alex (UDS A)

7. 79,79 average: Arielle (UDS A)

6. 80 average: Duncan (Duncanson)

3. 80,58 average: Anne, Rogier (Dinosaur and Fossile), Menno (BS)

2. 82,79 average: Danique and Benjamin (99 Problems)


WINNERS OF THE ROOSEVELT OPEN 2013: Rogier and Anne (Dinosaur and Fossile)! Congratulations!

Congratulations to all winners and best speakers. See you next year!

Mascha Bloemer
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Mascha is een alumnus van de Amsterdamse Studentendebatvereniging Bonaparte. Zij was redacteur van SevenTwenty (2012-2013) waarna ze in 2013-2015 de rol van hoofdredacteur op zich pakte.

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Mascha is een alumnus van de Amsterdamse Studentendebatvereniging Bonaparte. Zij was redacteur van SevenTwenty (2012-2013) waarna ze in 2013-2015 de rol van hoofdredacteur op zich pakte.

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Jair van der SteltGeplaatst op10:11 pm - okt 11, 2013

Hey Mascha!

Thanks for doing the updates for the competition! One minor correction: our university changed its name last year from Roosevelt Academy (RA) to University College Roosevelt (UCR). We therefore no longer refer to the tournament as the RA Open but rather as Roosevelt Open. So if it is possible for you to change the title, that would be fantastic. I know it is kind of nitpicky but we’re trying rather hard to get the RA name out of people’s minds. 😉

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