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Seventwenty is looking for contributors!

For the upcoming year there will be four vacant positions within the editors team of Seventwenty. Here you can find more information about who we are looking for and the procedure.

What is Seventwenty?
Most of you obviously know this, otherwise you probably wouldn’t apply for a position. But hey, we are not that bad and will explain it to those who are less familiar with Seventwenty and the Dutch Debating Association.

Seventwenty is the bilingual (but mostly English-language) newschannel of the Dutch Debating Association. This institution represents all Dutch (mostly students) debating societies in the Netherlands. We want to keep every debater up to date about what happens in the debating scene. This is why we are currently a bilingual blog, because we want to make Seventwenty as accessible as possible for as many people as possible! Seventwenty updates you by providing tournament reports, interviews, analytical articles and many more.

My English is not that excellent, can I still apply?
Sure! We are all people with a non-native English background, so we aren’t perfectly fluent either. You should be eager to learn from the mistakes you make and if you do so you can be the perfect candidate!

What are the most important criteria an editor should meet?
You do not have to be a member of the Dutch Debating Association! There are no criteria in terms of age or debating status. You can be a university student, high school student, experienced or a novice, every debater is welcome. You do not have to be experienced in writing and/or editing. However, we would appreciate it if you visit debating tournaments at least a few times a year.

Of course we want to learn people how to effectively write an article. Therefore you should be able to deal with feedback about your writing style. This can sometimes be tough, but don’t worry, we won’t scare you too much! We just want you to learn how to become a better writer in general.

Also, we want you to come up with ideas and take some initiative. So think about what you want to write or what your perspective on the debating scene is. We appreciate it if people want to write from an other perspective, such as that of a high school student or a member of a new founded debating association.

Since we have three vacant positions, we want that (if possible of course) at least one of this is filled up by someone who can provide us with some more analytical articles. Everyone is of course free to join us, but we want to have more variety in the articles we produce. But don’t worry. In case we have three very enthusiastic people who are not very experienced in writing analytically, we will let everyone who is applicable join. We do not want to hold enthusiastic people back!

How much do I have to write?
You don’t have to produce an article every week. However, it is much appreciated if you write something once a month. In practice this does not always come true, but we want people who are active and come up with new ideas. Writing a report about a tournament obviously counts, but feel free to come up with some more ideas, such as interviews or analytical articles.

Some aspects are still not very clear to me, who can I contact?
If you do have any questions, please send an email to

How can I apply?
Please send an email to with your motivation and some basic information about yourself. Also, if you do have experience in writing, send some examples of what you wrote to us. The editor in chief will then contact you and interview you if necessary. Afterwards you will hear more about your application.

Het Trivium Toernooi 2014: een sfeerimpressie

WINNAARS: Tomas Beerthuis en Alex Klein (UDS Krijsende Paradijsvogels).
Beste Spreker: Tomas Beerthuis

Winnaars Beloftenfinale/novicefinale: Lise van der Meer en Judith Meuldijk (Walking Fish).
Beste Novicespreker: Nastia Grishkova (Representation of the reconciliation).

Tab: hier

Op deze zonnige zaterdag wordt het Trivium Toernooi gehouden in Nijmegen. Alle rondes vinden plaats in het Stedelijk Gymnasium. Het Trivium Toernooi is een eendaags Nederlandstalig Toernooi in het BP-format dat voor het eerst in vier jaar weer wordt georganiseerd. Wellicht is dit voor Trivium een goede voorbereiding op het komende NK dat de vereniging zal gaan organiseren. Het juryteam bestaat uit , Bionda Merckens als CA (Roosevelt/Leiden) en Daan Welling (Leiden), Lia Verbaas (Groningen) en Irene Graafsma (Amsterdam) als DCA’s.

Na registratie is het tijd voor de eerste ronde. Deze begint met een stelling over drugsgebruik, namelijk: DK staat het toe dat familie van drugsverslaafden hen kan dwingen naar een afkickkliniek te gaan.

De catering voor dit toernooi is erg goed verzorgd, te oordelen aan de hapjes die na ronde 1 worden geserveerd. De deelnemers en juryleden gaan energiek de tweede ronde in en dat hebben ze nodig, want de tweede stelling luidt: DK investeert liever in kernenergie dan in groene energie. Na deze ronde kan iedereen genieten van een welverdiende lunch.

De derde ronde is een meer klassieke stelling. Deze luidt: DK vindt dat strafrecht geen rekening moet houden met vergelding. Ronde drie en vier zijn gesloten, wat inhoudt dat deelnemers pas na de aankondiging van de uitslagen van de voorrondes om resultaten kunnen vragen.

Ronde vier is tevens gesloten. Deze stelling gaat over internationale politiek. Gezien de huidige ontwikkelingen in Rusland en Oekraïne sluit ronde vier goed aan bij de actualiteit. De stelling luidt: DK vindt dat het westen zware sancties moet opleggen aan Rusland totdat Poetin aftreedt en er democratische verkiezingen worden gehouden.

Na de laatste ronde is er een break naar de halve finale en de Beloftenfinale. Hier is het de beurt aan nieuwe sprekers (met minder dan een jaar ervaring in debatteren) om zich te bewijzen. De spreektijd van deze halve finale en finale is zeven minuten.

De break is inmiddels bekend. De teams die door gaan naar de halve finale zijn:

– Alex Klein en Tomas Beerthuis (UDS Krijsende Paradijsvogels)
– Daniël Springer en Veroniek van Praag (EDS en GDS Kalliope Daniël en Veroniek)
– Roeland Hemsteede en Wieger Kop (Leiden KH)
– Bas Tönissen en Jordy Rijsingen (Roosevelt Homecoming)
– Azer Aras en Roel Becker (LDU Return of the Sultan)
– Karin Merckens (LDU) en Sarah Rust (Roosevelt/LDU) (#JordyLovesUsMore)
– Floris Holstege (Utrechts Stedelijk Gymnasium) en David Metz (Stedelijk Gymnasium Nijmegen) (Squirrel Society Justice League)*
– Daan Valk en Max Boiten (Bonaparte #CAVanJeEigenLeven)

*= Floris en David kwalificeren als novices en zouden dus eigenlijk debatteren in de Beloftenfinale. Door hun hoge ranking hebben zij zich echter gekwalificeerd voor de reguliere halve finale.

De teams die door gaan naar de Beloftenfinale zijn:

(1. Floris Holstege en David Metz, die door hun ranking debatteren in de halve finale en dus niet in de Beloftenfinale).
2. Lise van der Meer en Judith Meuldijk (Walking Fish)
3. Axel Hirschel en Nastia Grishkova (Representation of the reconciliation)
4. Jonathan Seib en Simon Martina-Perez (IHGHI)
5. Lennard Boer en Thierry Pol (Trivium B)

Zodra de halve finale en de Beloftenfinale zijn afgelopen gaat iedereen aan het diner. Daarna volgt de finale, met wederom zeven minuten spreektijd.

Update: Inmiddels zijn er uitslagen bekend. De Beloftefinale is gewonnen door Lise en Judith van team Walking Fish.

Break naar de finale:
OG: Daniël en Veroniek
OO: Wieger en Roeland
CG: Azer en Roel
CO: Alex en Tomas

Finalestelling: DK, als katholieke kerk, kiest zijn volgende paus door middel van een referendum.

Update: De beste novicespreker is Nastia Grishkova van team Representation of the reconciliation. Gefeliciteerd!

Update: Het toernooi is gewonnen door Alex Klein en Tomas Beerthuis (UDS Krijsende Paradijsvogels). De beslissing was een 3-2 split met Roel Becker en Azer Aras (Return of the Sultan). Beste spreker is Tomas Beerthuis.

We hopen dat jullie allemaal een leuk toernooi hebben gehad. Trivium zien we in elk geval terug als organisator van het komend NK!

Verslag van de Roosevelt world schools academy

The Roosevelt World Schools Academy 2014: A young debaters dream coming true


There are not many events which are worth boarding an airplane at 6 AM in order to catch a four hour during train trip to Middelburg, but the Roosevelt World Schools Academy is one of them. This event was organised by a joint venture of the DSDC foundation, Cogency and the Dutch Debating Insitute.  After a long and rusty trip I arrived at University College Roosevelt, with 47 other young debaters from every outskirt of the Netherlands. We didn’t only receive world-class master classes from the very best coaches our country has to offer, but we also competed for a place in the pre-selection for the World Schools Debating Championships 2014 in Singapore. From the 48 participants, nineteen debaters (including your editor), were selected to compete in the upcoming seven weeks for a spot in the World Schools Debating Championship team.


Our weekend started with a couple chamber debates to not only get the candidates warmed up for the more serious material but also to make sure that candidates got to know each other a little more. Although all the chamber debates where of a very high level the best was yet to come. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case for our ability to sleep. Being locked out of our sleeping accommodations and sleeping on the hard floor of a common room weren’t contributing to a sufficient amount of sleep. However, when every participant faces sleep deprivation it tends to bring them closer together, which made up for the loss of sleep.


However, listening to eight hours high level debate workshops became a lot harder for some of us with so little sleep. Workshops would differ from theory of argumentation to public economics and from social justice to advanced strategy. Overall the workshops met the high expectations and every single one has shaped my thinking and debating skills in a significant way. The passion and enthusiasm of the coaches immediately reflected on the debaters. With that spirit in mind it was time for more serious business. The second day ended with a debate in World schools format on the motion “TH believes society is better of without alcohol. The motions which followed the other they were in sequential order “TH would make a part of teachers income dependant on the performance of their students”, “TH would give doctors the responsibility of reporting martial abuse to the police” and lastly, “TH would prosecute politicians who make discriminatory comments”. The first motion gave a lot of debaters a hard time, but as soon as everyone was adapted to the format and caught some sleep the three motions of Sunday were handled pretty well. The adjudication was of a extremely high level, as well as the large amount of feedback given by every single judge.


I arrived at the Roosevelt world Schools academy with high expectations and big dreams. My expectations were definitely met thanks to the wonderful coaches, staff and of course the other wonderful debaters. My dream has come true with a spot in the pre selection for the team that will attend the World Schools Debating Championships in Singapore. More important however was that I made some great new friends and caught up with old ones. In the upcoming eight weeks the ones selected from the Academy will continue their journey with weekly debating workshops given by the same team that organised the master classes in Middelburg. Eventually, from these nineteen youngsters eight will be selected for the next step in the selection. In Middelburg I had one of my most wonderful debating experiences so far and I strongly suggest every young ambitious high school debater to attend next years edition!