Zagreb EUDC 2014: Break Announcement

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Zagreb EUDC 2014: Break Announcement

We wil try to publish a complete list of breaking teams and judges as soon as possible.

First the judge break for the Dutch:

– Gigi Gil
– Senna Maatoug
– Takenori Hayashi
– Rogier Baart
– Anne Valkering
– Arielle Dundas
– Tomas Beerthuis

Now the complete ESL break:

1. Hebrew A
2. Belgrade B
3. Lund A
4. Tartu A
5. Berlin A
6. Tel Aviv B
7. Leiden A
8. Bucharest A
9. BBU A
10. Tilbury House A
11. Mannheim A
12. ELTE A
13. BGU A
14. Belgrade A
15. Tel Aviv A
16. Leiden C and Belgrade C*

*Tomorrow a debate will be held to decide who is going through.

Open Break:
1. Cambridge C
2. Oxford B
3. Cambridge B
4. Oxford A
5. GUU A
6. Cambridge A
7. Oxford C
8. Edinburgh A
9. LSE A
10. Sheffield A
11. Durham B
12. KCL A
13. Hebrew A
14. Nottingham A
15. Durham C
16. BPP A

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