Knowledge: A few sources

doorMascha Bloemer

Knowledge: A few sources

By Srdjan Miletic

Whether you want to do well in debating or in life, it helps to know things. There are many articles out there on knowledge in debating and how to get informed, what I write here is my personal take on what is worth reading and a few choice sources I doubt are very widely known. Enjoy.

Current Affairs

By current affairs I mean news on what is happening today and analysis of why it is happening and what it’s implications are. While the sources below are by no means entirely trustworthy, together they do provide a variety of viewpoints and narratives, each of which reveals an aspect of the truth which, at the very least, can be put to work in a debate.


General Knowledge

Not everything here is directly applicable to debating but the sense of perspective a well rounded knowledge of the world can give you is. These books and series are a few of my favorites.

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