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Newsletter September


Hi there! Before you lies the third newsletter of de Debatbond! Through these monthly newsletters we would like to keep you informed on what is happening in the Dutch debating community.


The Besturendag is a day at which (upcoming) boards of debating societies can work on their organizational skills. It is also meant to enable board members to connect to the boards of other associations outside the context of a tournament taking place. As follow-up of the previous successful Besturendag, de Debatbond will host the next Besturendag on the 4th of November, right after UCU Open. Just like UCU Open, the Besturendag also takes place at the University College Utrecht campus, and for those who attend UCU Open crash can be provided. The day will consist of workshops given by Tom Pouw on how to organize projects within your society and by Anne Valkering on how to raise funds. There is also time allocated for discussion, where boards can ask and discuss anything they want to.

Dutch Debating League

The second season of the DDL will start soon! After the evaluation of last year, some innovations will be introduced this year to make the DDL even better. Firstly, this year the DDL will be working with a fixed CA-team of six people for the whole year. This CA team will delegate one member every evening, who will team up with a local to form the CA team of that specific DDL night. We hope to ensure a higher quality of judging this way. Our CA team this year consist of six amazingly talented judges and we are very proud to announce them: Emma Lucas, Fenna ten Haaf, Simone Landman, Ybo Buruma, Floris Holstege and Marike Breed! Secondly, all dates of the DDL nights are already confirmed! They can be found on this page: The first night is on the 8th of November, in Leiden. Thirdly, we are hoping that, in collaboration with the organizing societies, we can make the DDL a more fun competition, in addition to a competitive competition. As this will be discussed at the upcoming Bondsraad, more info on that later! 720 Article: Differences between debating in Asia and the Netherlands The debating year is almost starting again, and so is 720. Before we overload you with all kinds of debating stories, wisdom and reports – an article from the old box. Last year, Jelte was on exchange in Singapore. He wrote a small piece on the differences between debating in Asia and the Netherlands. See the entire article on our website.


On the 27th of September the National Youth council (NJR) had their General Assembly, which was attended by the Debatbond. The NJR is the overarching society for dozens of different (youth-)movements and groups, such as the Debatbond. Therefore it’s a great place to get into contact with different organisations. The variety of organisations that are ajoined up with the NJR is fantastic: from CHOICE to an Afghan youth-movement and from MUN to the Ruralyouths. If you wish to organise something and are still looking for partners, please ask the Debatbond, since we might know other organisations that would be interested.

Upcoming events Take your agenda and note the following tournaments! On facebook you can find more information about individual tournaments.


  • Roosevelt Open (Middelburg, BP, EN) – October 12/14
  • Triviumtoernooi (Nijmegen, WSDC, NL) – October 21
  • UCU Open (Utrecht, BP, EN) – November 2/3
  • Maastricht Novice (Maastricht, BP, EN) – November 9/10
  • Cicero Toernooi (Tilburg, AP, NL) – November 24
  • Leiden Novice (Leiden, BP, EN) – December 1
  • Bonapartiaans Debattoernooi (Amsterdam, AP, NL) – February 2
  • Leiden Open (Leiden, BP, EN) – March 1/3
  • Erasmus Rotterdam Open (Rotterdam, BP, EN) – March 23/24
  • Tilburg Women’s Open (Tilburg, BP, EN) – March 29/31
  • NK Debatteren (Amsterdam, BP, NL) – April 6/7

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