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Thailand WSDC 2014: Results Team Netherlands

logoThis page will provide an overview of the motions and the results of Team Netherlands at Thailand WSDC 2014.

During WSDC half of the motions for the preliminary rounds and the Grand Final motion are pre-released, all the other motions will be impromptu. Team Netherlands worked very hard over the last few month to be well prepared. 

Each of the rounds at WSDC will be judged by 3 judges. These judges, contrary to university debating, will individually vote for the winner of a round. This means that a team can win a round unanimously (with all 3 judges) or on a split decision (with 2 judges). The total amount of wins, judges and speaker scores will in the end determine the break.

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AWSDC: The Out-Rounds

awsdcBy Karin Merckens

After the break announcement (with Team Netherlands breaking 3rd!) and a short night’s sleep, the team was ready for their octo final at 07.30  on monday morning.

On the motion That This House would make the income tax of the richest proportional to the level of economic inequality, Team Netherlands (proposition)  faced Team India in their octo final. After some confusion on the wording of the motion they put up a good fight but unfortunately did not make it trough to the quarter finals.

During the Final of AWSDC the teams from South Africa Juniors and WSDC Malaysia DNT debated the motion that This House Believes That when leaders of capable states turn away refugees, the ICC should prosecute them for crimes against humanity. Eventually, after what had been a very enjoyable final to watch, Team WSDC Malaysia DNT took the win on a 8 – 1 split decision.

During AWSDC it was not only Team Netherland who did very well, all three Dutch judges (Roel Becker, Devin van den Berg and Lisa Schallenberg) received very good feedback and made the judging break. Even though being kicked out during the octo finals was a bit of a disappointment, both Team Netherlands and their trainers/coaches are very happy with the team’s performance. Breaking 3rd is an amazing achievement and the team was able to put some finishing touches on all the hard work of the previous year and are confident about upcoming WSDC.

Now AWSDC has come to an end, Team Netherlands is ready for WSDC. Today will mark a rather uneventful day where they will move to the WSDC hotel and WSDC will kickoff tomorrow with briefings and a judging test. The first preliminary round will take place on thursday morning.

Motions of the out-rounds
Grand Finals: THBT when leaders of capable states turn away refugees, the ICC should prosecute them for crimes against humanity
Semi-finals: TH believes in the universal right to internet access
Quarter-finals: THBT the US should withdraw all military aid from Israel until the end of the occupation in Gaza
Octos-finals: THW make the income tax of the richest proportional to the level of economic inequality

You can find the tab here.

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AWSDC: Breaking 3rd!

By Karin Merckens

Team Netherlands at AWSDC

Team Netherlands at AWSDC

Their journey began on the 28th of April 2013 when during the Roosevelt World Schools Academy the the pre-selection for team Netherlands was made. 15 months later, after training very hard almost every saturday we saw 4 incredibly talented high-school debaters leave for what will be the most challenging and prestigious tournament of the year.  Emma van der Horst (Sint Willibrord Gymnasium), Emma Lucas (Stedelijk Gymnasium Nijmegen), Uche Odikanwa (Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest) and Urmi Pahladsingh (Stedelijk Gymnasium Nijmegen) will represent team Netherlands during the World Schools Debating Championships in Thailand.

After months of preparation, practise debates and writing case files, their last stop before WSDC will be the Asian World Schools debating Championships. AWSDC is an international competition in preparation for WSDC, there are 30 teams attending amongst which 6 WSDC teams. Unlike most other schools competition this competition will only have impromptu motions. The competition will have 8 preliminary rounds with a break to octo-finals.

The Dutch Team did an excellent job during their preliminary rounds.  They won 6 out of their 8 debates and were therefore the 3rd breaking team! The octo-finals will take place tomorrow morning and on behalf of Seventwenty I would like to wish them the best of luck for their future rounds and congratulate them with their performances so far.

Below you will find information on the motions and results so far, I will update this as soon as i have more information.

Rd1: THB in a citizen’s right to bear arms
Rd2: THBT liberal democracies should adopt educational policies at creating a less religious population
Rd3: THW not give prominent entertainment awards to artists who have committed crimes of violence
Rd4: THW give more votes to citizens who regularly donate a substantial proportion of their income to respectable charitable causes
Rd5: THW give a doctors, not parents, the final say over all medical decisions concerning children
Rd6: THW force all advertising to provide only technical product details and require that all products be sold in plain packages
Rd7: THBT living below the poverty line should be the absolute defence to acquisitive crimes
Rd8: THB the LGBT rights movement should abandon the claim that sexuality is not a choice

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WUDC Chennai 2014: Out-rounds

The out-rounds for WUDC Chennai 2014 have started. We will keep you updated on motions and progress of our teams. Seventwenty wants to wish the teams from LSE B, Babes-Bolyai University B, RRIS A and Kyoto B the the best of luck with their rounds. 

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WUDC Council 2014

Today, January 1st 2014, WUDC Council took place in Chennai. We will give you a brief oversight of what was discussed and the outcomes of all this.

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WUDC Chennai 2014: The Break

In this post you can find out more about results, motions and participants of the in-rounds. Here we will keep you up to date on the break.
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WUDC Chennai 2014: Updates and results

This year’s Worlds Universities debating Championships will be held from December 27th 2013 to January 4th 2014. Chennai will host over 1000 young individuals from all over the world for the biggest and most prestigious competition of the year. Seventwenty will keep you updated on the Dutch teams.  Meer lezen

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Manchester EUDC, here we come!

This year’s European Universities debating Championships will be held from 18th-24th August. Manchester will welcome over 700 individuals from all across Europe and the Middle East for one of the thoughts and most prestigious competitions of the year. After Last year’s victory by Daan Welling and Menno Schellekens and some very good results at the World Championships by the entire Dutch contingent we have our hopes up for the Dutch teams do well.  

The Dutch contingent
The following teams and Judges will be representing the Netherlands. 

Teams: (in Alphabetical order)

Cicero A: Lenka Habetinova & Pepijn Pastoor

Erasmus A: Lucia Sontseva & Marike Abrahamse
Erasmus B: Mark-Jan Versluis & Joeri  Willems
Erasmus C: Darian Heim & Michael Tai 

Groningen A: Stijn de Jong & Henk van Zuilen
Groningen B: Joost Kooiman & Jeroen Claassens

KCL A*: Andrea Bos & David Levins** 

Leiden A: Johan Lammers & Wieger Kop**
Leiden B: Gigi Gil & Sebastiaan Noordam
Leiden C: Devin van den Berg & Martijn Otten

Maastricht A: Caspar Kaiser &  Eduardo Villamor Martinez

Roosevelt A: Bionda Merckens & Bas Tönissen
Roosevelt B: Annabelle van Beusekom & Sarah Rust

Utrecht A: Renee Kooger & Victor Jansen Schipper
Utrecht B: Fenna van Berkel & Valerie Schulte Nordholt
Utrecht C: Christiaan Duijst & Esther van Dijk

* University Of London, Andra Bos is representing her English University with an English partner.
**These teams will not participate in the English as a Second Language (ESL) category
Note: Wageningen Debating, AUC, UCU, Trivium and ASDV Bonaparte are not on this list, since they do not send teams to EUDC

Bram (Utrecht), Tomas Beerthuis (Independent), Mascha Bloemer (Leiden), Frederieke Dölle (Groningen), Arielle Dundas (Leiden), Daniel Fayoyin (Erasmus), Liesbeth de Hooge (Groningen), Danique van Koppenhagen (independent), Wieger Maris (Erasmus), Karin Merckens (Independent), Sebastian Meyes (Roosevelt), Srdjan Miletic (Maastricht), Kristina van der Molen (Utrecht), Lisa Schallenberg (Leiden), Sara Turgutoglu (Erasmus), Lia Verbaas (Groningen), Daan Welling (Independent), Hiroki Yokoyama (Leiden).

Seventwenty will keep everyone updated during EUDC. We will continuously update our Results page with the latest results of the Dutch Teams. Moreover there will be detailed daily entries telling you all the stories of the day and keeping you informed about our well being.