Dutch Debating League

The Dutch Debating League is the internal competition of the Dutch debating societies. During the year, every society hosts one evening. During that evening, a total of 4 rounds will take place in which all societies participate twice. A team can score points for its society by participating in these debates. The winner of the debate scores 4 points, the 2nd team gets 3 points, the team ranking 3rd receives 2 points and the 4th team will get 1 point. If a society is unable to participate at an evening, it won’t receive any points.

The first edition of the DDL was won by the Leiden Debating Union.

The second edition of the DDL was also won by the Leiden Debating Union.

Season 2018/2019

For the upcoming season, the schedule will look as follows:

8 November – Leiden
20 December – Delft
24 January – Tilburg
12 February – Nijmegen
18 March – Rotterdam
24 April – Utrecht
May – Chronos
11 June – Amsterdam

The Chief Adjudication team for this season will consist of Marike Breed, Floris Holstege, Simone Landman, Fenna ten Haaf en Ybo Buruma.

After all 8 nights, the final ranking is as follows:

1 LDU 60
2 Cicero 49
3 UDS 43
4 TUDDC 26
5 Bonaparte 25
6 Trivium 16
7 EDS 15
8 Chronos 14
9 GDS 4

(If teams have an equal amount of team points, the ranking is done on speaker points)