Dutch Debating League

The Dutch Debating League is the internal competition of the Dutch debating societies. During the year, every society hosts one evening. During that evening, a total of 4 rounds will take place in which all societies participate twice. A team can score points for its society by participating in these debates. The winner of the debate scores 4 points, the 2nd team gets 3 points, the team ranking 3rd receives 2 points and the 4th team will get 1 point. If a society is unable to participate at an evening, it won’t receive any points.

The first edition of the DDL was won by the Leiden Debating Union.


Season 2018/2019

For the upcoming season, the schedule will look as follows:

8 November – Leiden
20 December – Delft
24 January – Tilburg
12 February – Nijmegen
18 March – Rotterdam
24 April – Utrecht
May – Chronos
11 June – Amsterdam


The Chief Adjudication team for this season will consist of Marike Breed, Floris Holstege, Simone Landman, Fenna ten Haaf en Ybo Buruma.


After 7 nights, the current ranking is as follows:

LDU 53
Cicero 43
UDS 39
Bonaparte 22
Trivium 16
EDS 15
Chronos 14

(If teams have an equal amount of team points, the ranking is done on speaker points)