Dutch Debating League

The Dutch Debating League is the internal competition of the Dutch debating societies. During the year, every society hosts one evening. During that evening, a total of 4 rounds will take place in which all societies participate twice. A team can score points for its society by participating in these debates. The winner of the debate scores 4 points, the 2nd team gets 3 points, the team ranking 3rd receives 2 points and the 4th team will get 1 point. If a society is unable to participate at an evening, it won’t receive any points.

After three evenings in respectively Delft, Leiden and Rotterdam, the current overal ranking is:

  1. Leiden Debating Union: 21
  2. Utrecht Debating Society: 19
  3. Trivium Nijmegen: 18
  4. Erasmus Debating Society: 17
  5. Bonaparte Amsterdam: 16
  6. Cicero Tilburg: 12
  7. TU Delft Debating Club: 8
  8. Groningen Debating Society: 6