Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can I participate in a debate tournament? Or attend as audience?
Good news: usually you can! Many debate tournaments are open to everyone. All tournaments on our Debatbond Agenda are open to everyone, unless explicitly specified, and audience members are practically always welcome. For questions about a specific debate tournament, we redirect you to the organising society or organisation (contact details can be found on the individual tournament pages, accessible via the agenda).

Where can I find more information about debating in the Netherlands?
On our website, you can find various sources of information, from general background information to specific rulebooks. On our blog, SevenTwenty, you will find reports of debate tournaments and op-ed articles about various aspects of debating. Take a look and, if you have any questions, contact us.

I am busy to found a debating society or organisation. How can the Debatbond help me?
Within the Nederlandse Debatbond, you can find a lot of board experience. We can advise you procedurally (template statutes/house rules as found at other societies or how a debate night proceeds) as well as content-wise (the usual debate methods). Contact the chairperson for more specific information.

How can I, a debate organisation, affiliate myself with the Nederlandse Debatbond?
Different types of societies and organisations require different approaches. Experience has taught us that a phone call is the best way to find out what the best path to take is. Please contact the chairperson.


I have something for SevenTwenty. Who do I talk to?
Materials, questions, and remarks go through the SevenTwenty editorial board.

How can I subscribe or unsubscribe for the Debatbond’s newsletter?
All members of the Nederlandse Debatbond receive, in principle, the newsletter. Are you a member and did you not receive it, then first check whether your spam filter did not block the email. If not, please message the secretary with your current email address. Are you not a member but still interested, then you can also subscribe by emailing the secretary. In both cases, this is also how you can unsubscribe for the newsletter. This can also be done through a link at the bottom of the newsletter marked ‘Unsubscribe’.

How can I propose an activity for the agenda?
The agenda is meant for debate tournaments, general meetings, and possibly other events for members of the Debatbond and/or other interested people. Send an email with as much relevant information about the activity as possible to the secretary. When known, this concerns the following information (or equivalent): name of the tournament, date and time, place and location, debate format, number of rounds, registration fee, the convenor, the adjudication core, the website of the tournament and contact email address, judging rule (e.g. n-1), possible criteria for participating, and other necessary information.

I have seen a mistake on the website.
If there is a mistake on the website, we would love to hear it. Please send an email to the secretary. We also would like to hear it if you have an addition or suggestion.

Can I read the minutes of a general meeting?
The minutes can be seen by members of the Nederlandse Debatbond. Contact the board of your debating society or organisation; they have access to the archive.

Can I schedule a topic for a general meeting?
Topics on the agenda can be proposed by the board of the Debatbond and representatives of its member societies and organisations. Contact the board of your society or organisation for more information.

Can I be present at a general meeting? Where and when are they?
Members of the Debatbond can attend general meetings as an audience. It is, however, necessary to notify us of your presence so that the board can account for this regarding the facilities. Send an email to the secretary and we will let you know when and where it is.

Can I video record at debate tournaments?
That differs per debate tournament and is, in the end, up to the organising society. The Nederlandse Debatbond has accepted a (non-binding) film code where we state not to film debaters who indicate they wish to not be filmed; next to this, there is no policy.