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ByJoeri Willems

Why is American Parliamentary the best debate format?

There are many debate formats in the Netherlands. In this new series, debaters tell you why they think a certain debate format is the best. This time: American Parliamentary (AP). Do you want to read more about how American Parliamentary works? Click here.

My name is Joeri Willems. I work as an employment consultant and debated at the Erasmus Debating Society. The American versus British Parliamentary (BP) discussion was a big topic when I started debating but a fight that AP unfortunately lost. To me, this discussion is kind of a false contradiction; kind of like a discussion between chocolate and pizza. Most prefer to live in a world where both pizza and chocolate exist. AP is the debate flavour that is unique and delicious and I wouldn’t want to miss it.

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ByMike Weltevrede

Board Day August 2020

On Saturday, August 15, the Nederlandse Debatbond once again organized the board day. This edition was a great success. With more than 20 participants, more than half of all board members were present and every association but one was represented. Due to the corona crisis, this edition of the board day was held online. On the board day, the new board members of the Dutch debating associations get to know each other and the Debatbond. There are also workshops specifically aimed at supporting the board members.

The day started with an opening speech by Tom Pouw, chairman of the Debatbond. After this, three workshops were given. The first was given by Jos Buijvoets (former general board member of the Debatbond and honorary member of the Tilburg Debating Society Cicero) and was about member recruitment and promotion. Jos explained, for example, how social media can be used to attract new and larger groups of members but he also talked about more traditional ways, such as lecture talks and the open houses.

After Jos’ workshop, a workshop was given by myself. I built on Jos’ workshop and talked about member retention and activation. Now that the board members know how to attract members through Jos’ workshop, I explained to them how to retain those members and how to make them more active. I did this by splitting members into different groups and explaining what each of them needs to stay with the association.

Finally, Tom Pouw gave a workshop on sponsoring and selling trainings. Unfortunately, many associations often do not think of sponsoring as one of the bigger points they will be working on even though it can be very useful. So Tom discussed this topic and emphasized that sponsorship is not free money: it is actually an exchange of services. To explain this clearly to boards, he went through a step-by-step plan that boards could start to take up sponsorship.

ByNederlandse Debatbond

The Netherlands wins the European Debating Championships!

After nine preliminary rounds and seven final rounds in total, two teams of the Leiden Debating Union have won the finals of the European Debating Championships! Katharina Margareta Jansen and Louis Honee did not only reach the finals for teams with English as a Second Language (ESL) but also the open finals. David Metz and Emma Lucas also reached the open finals; there were two Dutch teams in this final round!

In the end, Katharina and Louis have won the ESL finals and David and Emma are taking home the trophy for the open finals. This is an incredibly impressive achievement!

We have also kept a live blog with more information per day. Check that out here!

You can watch the ESL finals here
You can watch the open finals here
ByEUDC, WUDC and WSDC Reporter

[Astana EUDC 2020] The European Debating Championships

Day 1

By: Harmen de Jong (Utrecht Debating Society)

Today (August 2, 2020) was the first day of the Astana EUDC, the European Championships in debating. Because of the coronavirus, the tournament takes place on Discord and Zoom, so a trip to Kazakhstan is unfortunately not possible. Partially because everyone can join from their living room, the judge panels are very strong this year; every room has 3 to 5 judges and many rooms even have two judges that I would put in the chair, without a doubt. Do expect a competitive judge break and strong calls, even though Leiden A did actually earn the first place in round 3.

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ByPjotr Koster

Arguments: Should all criminal defendants use a public defender?

In this article, I discuss whether all criminal defendants should use a public defender. This was the topic of debate during round 1 of the Leiden Open 2020.

Infoslide: A public defender is a lawyer employed by the state in a criminal trial to represent the defendant.

Motion: THW require all criminal defendants to use a public defender.

Round 1 – Leiden Open 2020
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ByThomas Nighswonger

Arguments: Common law versus civil law

In this article, I discuss the trade-off between common law and civil law. This was the topic of debate during round 5 of the Eindhoven Open 2020.

Infoslide: In a civil law system (like in the Netherlands, Germany and France), the law is primarily made by parliament. Judges apply and interpret it but generally try to keep as close to it as possible. In a common law system (like the UK and US), the law is primarily made by judges. They formulate generally applicable rules based on individual cases, which they base on what is common and what is perceived as just.

Motion: This House prefers a common law system over a civil law system.

Round 5 – Eindhoven Open 2020
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ByVictor Domen

Breaking judges fairly – the case for using judge tests as a metric

By Victor Domen

Tabbing is easier than ever. Tabbycat has all sorts of built-in features that allow for efficient and fair judge allocations and breaks based on the imported data. Nevertheless, I am of the opinion we currently do not use Tabbycat to its full potential. In this short article, I will make the case we should use standardised tests to assess judges and create a more fair and equal judge break.

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ByMike Weltevrede

Arguments: Brains versus beauty

In my opinion, the motion of the novice final of the Delft Open 2020 is one of the most interesting of the tournament. In this article, I will briefly outline an important characterization, after which I will present an argument for both sides of the debate. Have you come up with other arguments? Then leave them in the comments!

THW rather be an individual of average appearance and extreme intelligence, than of extreme beauty and average intelligence.

Novice final – Delft Open 2020
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ByMike Weltevrede

[Delft Open 2020] The first online tournament in the Netherlands!

The corona crisis hit everything, including the debate sport. Earlier this year, the Erasmus Rotterdam Open, the Kalliope Groningen Open, and the Benelux Debate Competition, among others, already fell at the virus’ hand. Where several (student) debating tournaments were held online internationally, this was not the case in the Netherlands. However, the TU Delft Debating Club did not give up: they simply held their debating tournament online!

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ByMike Weltevrede

[Online Schools Debate Tournament 2020] High school students cross the verbal swords online

In these times of corona it is difficult to practice our hobby: debating0. Student societies and the Dutch Schools Debating College sometimes hold online evenings and training sessions, but almost all tournaments have been cancelled. That is why the Nederlandse Debatbond organized an online debate tournament on May 10, especially for high school students.

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