Participatory points

The Dutch Debating Championships (NK) is the only tournament with an individual judging responsibility. This so-called Grandpa Clause is upheld since 2007. The goal of the clause is to make sure that successful debaters do not only speak at the tournament but also contribute to its prestige as the most important tournament by joining as a judge.

How does this work?

Everybody starts with three participatory points. When one participates at the NK, this costs them one participatory point. When they join as a judge at the NK or are involved with its organisation, this grants them two participatory points. This means that one can participate for at least their first three years but that they then have to judge one in three times. When one has zero or fewer points, they first have to judge before they will be allowed to participate as a speaker again.

For more information, please consider the official regulations as determined by the Bondsraad (general meeting).

The list with participatory points can be found here.

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