Bonapartiaans Debattoernooi


The Bonapartiaans Debattoernooi (colloquially abbreviated to BDT) is a debate tournament in Amsterdam. The American Parliamentary debate tournament in the Dutch language is held yearly since 2000 and is organised by ASDV Bonaparte.

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Format: American Parliamentary
Language: Dutch
Speech lengths: 5 minutes (3 minutes summary)
Location: Cartesius Lyceum


Bonaparte organised its first national debate tournament in the fall of 2000. The first two editions of the tournament took place in the student centre of the University of Amsterdam. In 2003 and 2006 the BDT carried the status of Dutch Debating Championships (NK). At that point, it was decided to organise the tournament in February and in the Oudemanhuispoort, which offered a higher capacity. From that point on, the tournament was held in February every subsequent year. The location alternated between the Oudemanhuispoort and the Barlaeus Gymnasium. In 2011, the BDT took place at the Amsterdam University College. Recently, the BDT has been taking place at the Cartesius Lyceum.

The finals are always held at a special location. Between 2006 and 2009 this was the Stopera, in 2010 the Lutheran church, and in 2011 the Moses and Aaron Church. In recent years, the finals are held in the Nassau church.

Previous editions

YearTeamsChampionsBest SpeakerTab
202020Jan-Pjotr komen & Lizzy Groenenberg Jelte Schievels Tab
201923David Metz & Roel SchoenmakersRoel SchoenmakersTab
201824Louis Honee & Romée Lind Devin van den BergTab
201740Lars Velthausz & Niels BuijssenVictor SchippersTab
201639Floris Holstege & Simon Martina-PerezAlex KleinTab
201533Senna Maatoug & Devin van den BergLuciën de Bruin Tab
2014 36Daniël Springer & Veroniek van Praag Daniël Springer
2012 40Daniël Springer & Jeroen Heun Daniël Springer Tab
2011 44Floor de Koning & Senna Maatoug Jeroen HeunTab
201050Sharon Kroes & Luciën de Bruin Rob HonigTab
200938Victor Vlam & Lars Duursma Victor Vlam Tab
200848Adriaan Andringa & Sharon Kroes Leela Koenig Tab
200742Marc Roels & Lars Duursma Adriaan Andringa Tab
2006 (NK)46Lars Duursma & Sharon Kroes Lars Duursma Tab
200530Lars Duursma & Sharon Kroes Lars Duursma Tab
200440Jan Rosing & Klaas van Schelven Klaas van Schelven
2003 (NK)42Marc Roels & Lars DuursmaMarc Roels & Lars DuursmaTab
200124Gerard Gaal & Ronald Broeke (niet uitgereikt)
200017Daniël Okma & Joan Arensman (niet uitgereikt)

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