The Dutch Debatmasters were organised annually by the Debatbond. Using the Dutch Debate Ranking, the 8 teams with the most points in the previous debate season were invited to join. Debates were held in the American Parliamentary style with speech lengths of 5-5-3 in the preliminary rounds and 6-6-4 in the finals. Videos of the Debatmasters can be found on our YouTube page.


A new style was used since 2008 where teams were subdivided into 2 poules. They debated the other 3 teams in the poule once. The winners of each poule were crowned finalists.

As of 2012, the Debatmasters are no longer organised. In its place, the Dutch Mace is organised, where every debating society delivers one team to participate.

Previous editions

YearChampionsBest speakerTab
2012Luciën de Bruin en Tomas BeerthuisLuciën de BruinTab
2011Jeroen Heun & Luciën de BruinLuciën de Bruin Tab
2010Sharon Kroes & Luciën de BruinLuciën de Bruin Tab
2009Reinier de Adelhart Toorop & Adrian de Groot RuizAdrian de Groot Ruiz Tab
2008Jona Linde & Adrian de Groot RuizVictor Vlam Tab
2007Ali Al-Jaberi & Julien Spliet(niet uitgereikt) Tab
2006Julius Lindenbergh & Ilona Eichhorn(niet uitgereikt) Tab

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