Nijmegen Open


Since 2007, the Nijmegen Student Debating Society Trivium (N.S.D.V. Trivium) has annually organised the Trivium Tournament. In 2019, the name of the tournament was changed to the Nijmegen Open.

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Format: British Parliamentary
Language: English
Speech lengths: 7 minutes


The first edition happened as the “Trivium All-round Debattoernooi”, where the debates were held in three different debate formats (AP, BP, and eloquence). In 2008 and 2009, the tournament was held in AP, where the tournament held the status of Dutch Debating Championships (colloquially called NK from the Dutch Nederlands Kampioenschap) in 2009. In 2010, it was decided that the tournament would be using the BP-style after that. In 2017 and 2018, the WSDC-style was used, where teams consist of 3 debaters who are also judged on their presentation. In 2019, the name was changed to the Nijmegen Open, where the switch was made to the English language. Unfortunately, that edition needed to be cancelled but it was organized again in English in 2020, held online due to the coronacrisis .

Previous editions

YearTeamsChampionsBest speakerTab
202037Roel Schoenmakers & Lotte ClaassenRoel SchoenmakersTab
2018?Floris Holstege & Lisa Schallenberg & Devin van den Berg?
201712Roel Becker & Romée Lind & Jeroen Wijnen– Argumentation: Devin van den Berg & Gigi Gil
– Presentation: Devin van den Berg
201632Alex Klein & Gigi GilGigi GilTab
201028Lars Duursma & Victor VlamSarie MuijsTab
2009 (NK)38Rutger Vos & Salar al-KhafajiJulius LindenberghTab
200832Marina Lacroix & Salar al-KhafajiGijs SchumacherTab
200720Eric Stam & Mark ReijmanEric Stam