Online Schools Debate Tournament


The Online Schools Debate Tournament is an online debate tournament for high school students that is organised by the Nederlandse Debatbond. Funds that are not necessary for the organisation are donated to charity; 50% as decided by a majority vote via the registration form and 50% to a charity chosen by the champions.

Next edition

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Format: American Parliamentary (video + manual)
Language: Dutch
Speech lengths: 5 minutes (3 minutes summary)


The first edition of the Online Schools Debate Tournament was help on May 10, 2020. Due to the coronacrisis, all debate tournaments were cancelled. For this reason, the Nederlandse Debatbond organised this debate tournament.

Previous editions

YearTeamsChampionsBest speakerTabCharities
202016Laura van Helmond & Joep van HeugtenNonna van den BosTab* The Red Cross
* Plan Nederland
* Stichting DierenLot
* Stichting Vluchteling
* Voedselbanken Nederland