The adjudication panel is crucial to competitive debating; they constitute the conditions for a fair competition. Judges decide which team wins the debate and how good the individual debaters are. The Debatbond has developed a judging manual to improve knowledge in this field. On this webpage, we have collected information and knowledge for judges, or others who are interested, to get to know more about judging debates.

Factual information

The Debatbond has developed a judging manual to give a frame of reference to judges. This is available here:

Moreover, a manual was brought out in 2010 that was specifically aimed at judging BP style debates. Simone van Elk took the initiative for this.

Digital workshops

Here are a few digital presentations with audio commentary by good adjudicators.

Digital video clips

How can you judge a debate well enough? How do you correctly give feedback and explain the results (AKA the call) of the debate? The Debatbond took the initiative to collect knowledge in this area by combining several video clips concerning adjudication.

The role of a judge – Joe Roussos

Speaker scores – Joe Roussos

Definitional Challenges – Joe Roussos

Opening Government Strategy – Joe Roussos

Whip speeches – Joe Roussos

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