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Manchester EUDC, here we come!

This year’s European Universities debating Championships will be held from 18th-24th August. Manchester will welcome over 700 individuals from all across Europe and the Middle East for one of the thoughts and most prestigious competitions of the year. After Last year’s victory by Daan Welling and Menno Schellekens and some very good results at the World Championships by the entire Dutch contingent we have our hopes up for the Dutch teams do well.  

The Dutch contingent
The following teams and Judges will be representing the Netherlands. 

Teams: (in Alphabetical order)

Cicero A: Lenka Habetinova & Pepijn Pastoor

Erasmus A: Lucia Sontseva & Marike Abrahamse
Erasmus B: Mark-Jan Versluis & Joeri  Willems
Erasmus C: Darian Heim & Michael Tai 

Groningen A: Stijn de Jong & Henk van Zuilen
Groningen B: Joost Kooiman & Jeroen Claassens

KCL A*: Andrea Bos & David Levins** 

Leiden A: Johan Lammers & Wieger Kop**
Leiden B: Gigi Gil & Sebastiaan Noordam
Leiden C: Devin van den Berg & Martijn Otten

Maastricht A: Caspar Kaiser &  Eduardo Villamor Martinez

Roosevelt A: Bionda Merckens & Bas Tönissen
Roosevelt B: Annabelle van Beusekom & Sarah Rust

Utrecht A: Renee Kooger & Victor Jansen Schipper
Utrecht B: Fenna van Berkel & Valerie Schulte Nordholt
Utrecht C: Christiaan Duijst & Esther van Dijk

* University Of London, Andra Bos is representing her English University with an English partner.
**These teams will not participate in the English as a Second Language (ESL) category
Note: Wageningen Debating, AUC, UCU, Trivium and ASDV Bonaparte are not on this list, since they do not send teams to EUDC

Bram (Utrecht), Tomas Beerthuis (Independent), Mascha Bloemer (Leiden), Frederieke Dölle (Groningen), Arielle Dundas (Leiden), Daniel Fayoyin (Erasmus), Liesbeth de Hooge (Groningen), Danique van Koppenhagen (independent), Wieger Maris (Erasmus), Karin Merckens (Independent), Sebastian Meyes (Roosevelt), Srdjan Miletic (Maastricht), Kristina van der Molen (Utrecht), Lisa Schallenberg (Leiden), Sara Turgutoglu (Erasmus), Lia Verbaas (Groningen), Daan Welling (Independent), Hiroki Yokoyama (Leiden).

Seventwenty will keep everyone updated during EUDC. We will continuously update our Results page with the latest results of the Dutch Teams. Moreover there will be detailed daily entries telling you all the stories of the day and keeping you informed about our well being. 



doorBionda Merckens

How do you assess a speaker who has not taken any points of information?

The debate is heating up about the new ideas on how to offer, accept and adjudicate POIs that Manchester EUDC proposes. This is Shengwu Li’s further explanation of the reasoning behind the new policy, offered in response to Michael Shapira’s earlier constructive criticism

Ideally, people should engage with each other in good faith to have an interesting debate.  Part of that engagement includes taking POIs; but sometimes, whether by mistake or intent, speakers forget to accept a POI.  Until now, judges have been advised to use their discretion when penalising lack of engagement.  Discretion is often a good thing; but in this case it means that some judges do not penalise speakers at all, while other judges penalise speakers very heavily.  This inconsistency is neither fair for the speaker, nor their opponent.

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Some thoughts on the introduction of the new POI rules in European Debating

The recent judges’ briefing for the upcoming European Championships in debating has stirred some controversy. This is Michael Shapira’s reaction to the changes made in how to make and deal with POIs. 

The recent briefing and later clarification released by the adjudication core of the upcoming EUDC Manchester 2013 has included some changes in the way we are to treat Points of Information (POI). These changes consist of two major elements. The first is, that being allowed to offer a POI has changed to become 15 seconds of “protected time”, in which the POI giver may do as he or she pleases. The second change is an introduction of a “Mandatory POI” under which a speaker must take a POI during their speech. Failing to do so, the speaker is then required to take a POI at the six minute bell (or shortly thereafter).

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doorBionda Merckens

Applications for DCA at Durham EUDC are now open!

Please click on the link below to access the form. We would encourage anyone who meets the criteria to apply. We are committed to bringing the best possible range of talent to bear and want as diverse a pool of applicants as possible to apply.

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doorBionda Merckens

THe Appointment of DCAs for Durham EUDC 2014

The team for Durham EUDC has asked us to post the following piece, explaining their policy towards appointing DCAs. Comments and discussions is very much welcome! 

We will not be appointing DCAs on a specifically regional basis but will instead be appointing those individuals who meet the qualifications and are best placed to fulfil the duties and expectations of a DCA. The qualifications and duties of a DCA are set out below, we will be using our application form and the feedback process to assess which applicants best meets these requirements. We reached this decision after an extensive consultation process and speaking widely to the European debating community. In true debating style, there are three points to make about why we came to this decision:

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doorMascha Bloemer

Live: Eloquentia Toernooi 2013

Reinier de Adelhart Toorop mag zich de winnaar van het Eloquentiatoernooi 2013 noemen, gefeliciteerd!


Ververs deze pagina regelmatig door op F5 te drukken.

Het is weer eens tijd voor iets anders, waar het niet om de inhoud gaat maar om de verpakking. Precies, ik heb het over het Eloquentia Toernooi 2013. Dit toernooi zal zoals gewoonlijk worden georganiseerd door ASDV Bonaparte. Er zijn vier voorrondes en na het eten en de finale zal er een lustrumfeest zijn. Bonaparte bestaat dit jaar immers 15 jaar.

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doorBionda Merckens

DAPDI komt er aan!

Een gastbijdrage van de DAPDI-commissie 2013

Dit jaar organiseert de DAPDI commissie wederom de grootste en meest intensieve trainingsweek voor Debatteerders die Europa te bieden heeft. Onder leiding van Eric Beverloo -de convenor- is de commissie reeds bezig met treffen van voorzieningen, om DAPDI wederom een geslaagde week te laten worden.

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doorBionda Merckens

Interview met de winnaars van het NK Beleidsdebatteren

Op 27 april 2013 wonnen Koen van Vught en Glenn Viveen namens NSDV Trivium het NK Beleidsdebatteren. Seventwenty interviewt de winnaars.

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doorBionda Merckens

First Roosevelt World Schools Academy a success

Een gastbericht van: Menno Schellekens

In the weekend of the 27th of April, the Nederlands Debate Instituut, Cogency, the DSDC Foundation and University College Roosevelt collaborated to organize the first edition of the Roosevelt World Schools Academy. Our goals: giving young, talented debaters an opportunity to improve their debating and reasoning skills, whilst making the pre-pre-selection for the Dutch National Team. Four of the thirteen speakers in our pre-pre-selection will represent the Netherlands at the World Schools Debating Championships 2014 in Thailand.

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doorBionda Merckens

Updates Kalliope Debattoernooi 2013

En na een interessante finale en lang beraad gaat de titel winnaar van het Kalliope Debattoernooi 2013 naar Rogier en Alex.

Beste spreker van het toernooi is

1. Menno Schellekens (398 punten, gemiddeld 79,59)

2. Rogier Baart/Bas Tönissen (393 punten, gemiddeld 78,59)

4. Micha Beekman (391 punten, gemiddeld 78,2)

5. Wieger Kop (386 punten, gemiddeld 77,2)

De titel van beste novice is geworden

1. Kristina van der Molen (373 punten, gemiddeld 74,59)

2. Sarah Rust (372 punten, gemiddeld 74,4)

3. Lara Minnaard/Esther van Dijk (370 punten, gemiddeld 74)

Bionda en Sarah kapen de geliefde titel last man standing.

Dank aan alle vrijwilligers, de commissie, het CA-team, de juryleden en natuurlijk de deelnemers!
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