Dutch Debating Association

The Dutch Debating Association aims to promote and support competetive debating in the Netherlands. As an umbrella organisation operating on the national level, it has approximately a thousand members, most of whom are members via the various debating unions in the Netherlands. By generating media attention, providing a platform for cooperation and policy support for member organisations and generating mutually beneficial partnerships, the Dutch Debating Association tries to improve Dutch competitive debating both in terms of quality and quantity.

Benefits of competitive debating

We operate on the assumption that competitive debating is an incredibly useful activity. By engaging in debates a participant develops all the elements of a persuasive verbal communication: presentation, argumentation and listening skills. Furthermore, it stimulates the critical mindset that is demanded these days of a citizen in a democratic society. From students to young professionals, those who regularly participate in debating tournaments are truly the leaders of tomorrow.

Many tournaments and events

On behalf of the Dutch Debating Association many tournaments and events are organised annually, often in cooperation with our member organisations. There are tens of national and international debating tournaments in the Netherlands, such as the Dutch Debating Championships and the Dutch Debating Masters. The Dutch Championships is the most prestigious tournament in the Netherlands that is organised at the end of the competitions season in April or May, while the Masters is held at the beginning of the competition in October.

Our Dutch debaters represent the Netherlands frequently in international competition. And not without results. The past few years Dutch teams have won the World Universities Debating Championships (WUDC) twice and the European Universities Debating Championships (EUDC) five times. With those results, the Netherlands is one of the leading countries of competitive debating in the world.

Media attention

Competitive debating has received more and more attention from national and local media in the Netherlands thanks to the Dutch Debating Association. Our goal is not just to inform the public about competitive debating, but also to enthuse them for it. Major newspapers  (De Telegraaf, Trouw, nrc.next) and television newscasts (RTL Nieuws, NOS Journaal) have covered our events, reaching millions of people.


Together you can achieve more. That is why the Dutch Debating Association closely cooperates with its partners in the media and (potential) sponsors. The Dutch Debating Association regularly schedules meetings and activities to bring together all its members and partners. Furthermore, the Dutch Debating Association is affiliated with the World Universities Debating Council, the European Universities Debating Council and the Dutch National Youth Council.

Sinds the establishment of the Dutch Debating Association in 2008 it has fulfilled a central role in the expansion of Dutch competitive debating. De Association Council consists of all the member organisations and is the highest organ within the Association. It appoints the Association Board.

More information

If you’d like more information, please contact us at info@debatbond.nl.