WUDC Chennai 2014: Out-rounds

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WUDC Chennai 2014: Out-rounds

The out-rounds for WUDC Chennai 2014 have started. We will keep you updated on motions and progress of our teams. Seventwenty wants to wish the teams from LSE B, Babes-Bolyai University B, RRIS A and Kyoto B the the best of luck with their rounds. 

Open Break
Motions of the Open Break and progress of the team from LSE B

Partial double-octo-finals: THW abolish gated communities in the developing world.
Octo-finals: THBT Japan should shame its soldiers who participated in WWII, including those who did not commit war crimes themselves.
Quarter-finals: THW auction off the long term right to govern bankrupt cities for profit.
Semi-finals: THBT women should reject practices that alter the appearance of their genitalia, such as waxing and labiaplasty.

Please have a look at this spreadsheet the see the draw and progress of the teams in the Open Break.

Note that the team from LSE B ranked 12th in the Open Break and therefore immediately qualified for the octo-finals.

Update 02-01-2014. 06.30: Simone is judging a partial-double-octo with Cape town A, Bates A, New South Wales A and Monash C.

Update 02-01-2014. 12.30: LSE B is Closing government in the octo-final against Cape-Town A, McGill A and Monash C. Danique is judging an octo-final with Yale B, Western University A, Monash A and St Andrews A. Results are expected later today

Update 02-01-2014. 14.27: Unfortunately LSE B did not make it to the Quarters. We want to congratulate Elisabeth and Daniel for their great achievement at WUDC.

Update 03-01-2014. 16:48: Leela Koenig is one of the judges in the Open Finals!

The winner of the Open Grand final of Chennai WUDC 2014 is.. Harvard A!


ESL Break

Motions of the ESL Break and progress of the teams from Babes-Bolyai University B and RRIS A.

Quarter-finals:THW remove all copyright protection for material deemed to be morally objectionable.
Semi-finals: THBT Pope Francis should publicly encourage Catholics to support radically distributive government policies.
Finals: THW allow countries to pay other countries to settle asylum-seekers who reach their borders.

Please have a look at this spreadsheet the see the draw and progress of the teams in the ESL Break.

Update 02-01-2014. 09.30: Babes-Bolyai University B is Closing opposition against Lund A, Zagreb A and Belgrade C. Anne is chairing this debate.  RRIS A is Closing Opposition against Belgrade B, IBA Dhaka A and EDIS A. Leela is Chairing a debate with IBA Dhaka A, IIUM B, Kyunghee A and Berlin A.

Update 02-01-2014. 12.30: Both Babes-Bolyai University B and RRIS A made it to the ESL Semis. Congrats! The ESL semi’s will happen tomorrow.

Update 03-01-2014. 06.00: In the Semi-finals Babes-Bolyai University B is Opening government against BBUA, Lund A and Tilbury House A. This round is judged by DaniqueRRIS A is Opening Government against Belgrade B, IIUM B and BDU A. Anne is judging here.

Update 03-01-2014 11.00: Unfortunately, both Babes-Bolyai University B and RRIS A are kicked out. We want to congratulate these teams on their achievements so far at WUDC.

The winner of the Chennai WUDC ESL Final 2014 is… Berlin A!


EFL Break
Motions of the EFL Break and progress of the team from Kyoto B

Semi-final: THBT the gay rights movement should abandon the claim that sexuality is not a choice.
Final: THBT multinational companies should be liable for human rights abuses that occur anywhere in their supply chain.

Update 02-01-2014. 12.45: Kyoto B  is Closing Government in the semi-final against Bandung A, Warsaw A and BLCU A

Update 02-01-2014. 18.45: Kyoto B unfortunately lost to Bandung and Warsaw and didn’t make it to the final. Still congratulations to Hiroki and his teampartner for breaking at WUDC.

Please have a look at this spreadsheet the see the draw and progress of the teams in the EFL Break.

The winner of the Chennai WUDC 2014 EFL Final is… Bandung A!


Other ways to stay up to date

Our own WUDC participant Tomas Beerthuis was interviewed by an Indian newspaper. You can find the article here.

An overview of all Dutch teams at WUDC 2014 is available here

Livestream is available here

Facebook also brings to you updates and pictures here

Twitter provides you with motions, results and impressions. The feed below will show the official @chennaiworlds updates, for further updates see #wudc

Editors note
This page will be updated by Mascha Bloemer and Karin Merckens, both are not attending WUDC and are thus not in Chennai. They rely social media for updates about these teams and kindly request your help with gathering data, in case any of you has news on any of these teams please comment below or contact either Mascha or Karin.

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