Seventwenty is looking for contributors!

doorMascha Bloemer

Seventwenty is looking for contributors!

For the upcoming year there will be four vacant positions within the editors team of Seventwenty. Here you can find more information about who we are looking for and the procedure.

What is Seventwenty?
Most of you obviously know this, otherwise you probably wouldn’t apply for a position. But hey, we are not that bad and will explain it to those who are less familiar with Seventwenty and the Dutch Debating Association.

Seventwenty is the bilingual (but mostly English-language) newschannel of the Dutch Debating Association. This institution represents all Dutch (mostly students) debating societies in the Netherlands. We want to keep every debater up to date about what happens in the debating scene. This is why we are currently a bilingual blog, because we want to make Seventwenty as accessible as possible for as many people as possible! Seventwenty updates you by providing tournament reports, interviews, analytical articles and many more.

My English is not that excellent, can I still apply?
Sure! We are all people with a non-native English background, so we aren’t perfectly fluent either. You should be eager to learn from the mistakes you make and if you do so you can be the perfect candidate!

What are the most important criteria an editor should meet?
You do not have to be a member of the Dutch Debating Association! There are no criteria in terms of age or debating status. You can be a university student, high school student, experienced or a novice, every debater is welcome. You do not have to be experienced in writing and/or editing. However, we would appreciate it if you visit debating tournaments at least a few times a year.

Of course we want to learn people how to effectively write an article. Therefore you should be able to deal with feedback about your writing style. This can sometimes be tough, but don’t worry, we won’t scare you too much! We just want you to learn how to become a better writer in general.

Also, we want you to come up with ideas and take some initiative. So think about what you want to write or what your perspective on the debating scene is. We appreciate it if people want to write from an other perspective, such as that of a high school student or a member of a new founded debating association.

Since we have three vacant positions, we want that (if possible of course) at least one of this is filled up by someone who can provide us with some more analytical articles. Everyone is of course free to join us, but we want to have more variety in the articles we produce. But don’t worry. In case we have three very enthusiastic people who are not very experienced in writing analytically, we will let everyone who is applicable join. We do not want to hold enthusiastic people back!

How much do I have to write?
You don’t have to produce an article every week. However, it is much appreciated if you write something once a month. In practice this does not always come true, but we want people who are active and come up with new ideas. Writing a report about a tournament obviously counts, but feel free to come up with some more ideas, such as interviews or analytical articles.

Some aspects are still not very clear to me, who can I contact?
If you do have any questions, please send an email to

How can I apply?
Please send an email to with your motivation and some basic information about yourself. Also, if you do have experience in writing, send some examples of what you wrote to us. The editor in chief will then contact you and interview you if necessary. Afterwards you will hear more about your application.

Mascha Bloemer

Mascha is een alumnus van de Amsterdamse Studentendebatvereniging Bonaparte. Zij was redacteur van SevenTwenty (2012-2013) waarna ze in 2013-2015 de rol van hoofdredacteur op zich pakte.

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Mascha is een alumnus van de Amsterdamse Studentendebatvereniging Bonaparte. Zij was redacteur van SevenTwenty (2012-2013) waarna ze in 2013-2015 de rol van hoofdredacteur op zich pakte.

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