Thailand WSDC 2014: Results Team Netherlands

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Thailand WSDC 2014: Results Team Netherlands

logoThis page will provide an overview of the motions and the results of Team Netherlands at Thailand WSDC 2014.

During WSDC half of the motions for the preliminary rounds and the Grand Final motion are pre-released, all the other motions will be impromptu. Team Netherlands worked very hard over the last few month to be well prepared. 

Each of the rounds at WSDC will be judged by 3 judges. These judges, contrary to university debating, will individually vote for the winner of a round. This means that a team can win a round unanimously (with all 3 judges) or on a split decision (with 2 judges). The total amount of wins, judges and speaker scores will in the end determine the break.

This list will be updated with the impromptu motions as soon as possible

Round 1: THBT post-revolution states should delegate trials of former rulers and high-ranking officials to the International Criminal Court.

Round 2 (Impromptu): THBT only liberal democracies should be allowed to host International sporting events

Round 3: THW allow prisoners to volunteer for drug trials in exchange for lighter sentences.

Round 4 (Impromptu): THW require companies to pay their interns

Round 5: THBT slum tourism does more harm than good.

Round 6 (impromptu):

Round 7: THW lift tax exemptions from religious institutions that refuse to recognize marriage equality.

Round 8 (impromptu): 

This list will be updated with results as soon as possible

Round Opponent position (Proposition/Opposition) Win/Lose Judges Total wins (judges)
 1 Slovakia  Opposition  win  3  1 (3)
 2 Pakistan Proposition  win  3  2 (6)
 3  Estonia Opposition  loss  0  2 (6)
 4 Turkey Proposition   loss  1  2 (7) 
 5 New Zeeland Proposition       
 6 Macau  Opposition      
 7 Chile Proposition       
 8 Scotland  Opposition       

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