Zagreb EUDC 2014, Here we come!

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Zagreb EUDC 2014, Here we come!

This year’s European Universities debating zagrebChampionships will be held from 18th-24th August. Zagreb will welcome over 700 individuals from all across Europe and the Middle East for one of the toughest and most prestigious competitions of the year. Tomas Beerthuis will serve as a Deputy Chief Adjudicator during Zagreb EUDC.
Last year’s competition went very well for the entire Dutch contingent, with Groningen A (Henk van Zuilen &  Stijn de Jong) making it to the ESL final, Andrea Bos, Henk van Zuilen & Bionda Merckens being among the top 10 ESL speakers, Daan Welling judging the Open final and many others reaching the out-rounds as either a speaker or a judge.  Hopefully last year’s success will set a precedent for this year, with the entire Dutch contingent doing well. 

The Dutch contingent
The following teams and Judges will be representing the Netherlands. 

Teams: (in Alphabetical order)

Bonaparte A: Josse van Proosdij & Michiel van der Zee

Erasmus A:  Marlinda van der Hoff & Sezen de Bruijn
Erasmus B: Hendrik Buma & Mikolaj Stoma

Groningen A: Marlies Huijsson & Frederieke Dölle

Leiden A: Karin Merckens & Daan Welling
Leiden B: Roel Becker & Bionda Merckens
Leiden C: Lauri Kriisa & Lennart van Laake

Maastricht A: Eduardo Villamor Martinez & Lorenza de Domenico
Maastricht B: Srdjan Miletic & Evelyn Svingen

Roosevelt A: Annabelle van Beusekom & Tsjalline Boorsma

Utrecht A: Christiaan Duijst & Bram de Rijk
Utrecht B: Martijn Otten & Charlie Panhuizen

Rogier Baart (independent), Micha Beekman (independent), Tomas Beerthuis (DCA), Martijn Deibel (Utrecht), Arielle Dundas (Independent), Jelle van Eijk (Erasmus), Nastia Ghriskova (Leiden), Gigi Gil (independent), Tekenori Hayashi (Leiden), Joost van Leer (Groningen) Felix Plassmann (Maastricht), Sarah Rust (Roosevelt), Lucia Sontseva (Erasmus), Anne Valkering (independent).

Seventwenty will keep everyone updated during EUDC. We will continuously update our Results page with the latest results of the Dutch Teams. Moreover there will be detailed daily entries telling you all the stories of the day and keeping you informed about our well being. 

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