Zagreb EUDC 2014: August 18 – Arrivals & Pre-Council

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Zagreb EUDC 2014: August 18 – Arrivals & Pre-Council


The entire Dutch delegation made it to Zagreb!

All of us are staying in hotel international which is cobsiderwd to be the “nice hotel”, at least our rooms are comfortable and all of us are within walking distance of the university faculty which at least means more sleep than those staying in the other hotel.

As a result of being the lucky ones staying in the second hotel registration went quite quickly, contrary to what apperently happened in the other hotel, so most of us had the entire afternoon to either walk around Zagreb or sit in a bar to catch up with friends.

Around dinner time they served us pizza and most of us made our way to listen to the briefings while others decided to enjoy the free beer they were serving outside. After the briefings we were taken to the museum of modern art for the opening ceremony. While the actual opening ceremony was really short, the queue to go down the slides was a lot longer. The entire Dutch delegation seemed to have enjoyed themselves at the socials and while some called it a night early and were respobsible enough to have a good night’s sleep before the actual debated will start, others will most likely debate round 1 being hungover.

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