Zagreb EUDC 2014: August 21 – Round 7 – 9 & Break Night

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Zagreb EUDC 2014: August 21 – Round 7 – 9 & Break Night

By Arielle Dundas

Like every day the motions lead to debates of varying quality. What makes today different is that the teams were not given feedback. This is done to heighten the suspense of the Break announcement later that night. You will frequently hear “how many points do you think you were on” whispered in hush voices in the hallway. Judges work hard to maintain a poker face when they walk past a team from debates they had judged. Then all of a sudden the rounds are over and we are all in a night club without a roof that backs on to a lake. There were s for us to fight, and if there had been we would have known to leave them alone. Since as the convener told us earlier this day, these are Croatian swans and you do not want to mess with them.
Before the break announcement Leiden C is whisked away to talk to the CA team. Then comes the judges break, quite a few familiar names are announced, we cheer. An American judge breaks, he is greeted with cries of “USA USA USA” Then comes the ESL break. Only one Dutch team (Leiden A) has broken? What’s this there is a tie for 16th place on speaker points and team points? Ashish announces the new policy there will be no coin flip at this Euros, there will be a debate-off, between …. Leiden C and Belgrade C. We cheer, we dance, we celebrate, and we commiserate.

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