Europen: day three and the outrounds

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Europen: day three and the outrounds

Day 3

Today it will become clear which teams will write history by breaking to the octo finals. All the teams are excited, especially Netherlands 1 and 2 since they are up against Canada east and west. The results of the closed rounds will also be published today

Round 5:

Netherlands 1 – Czech white 3-0
Netherlands 2 – USA red 0-3
Netherlands 3 – Turkey KEL 3-0

Round 6:

Netherlands 1 – Romania Argo 3-0
Netherlands 2 – Germany black 3-0
Netherlands 3 – Friedrich abels 3-0

Round 7:

Netherlands 1 – Canada east 1-2
Netherlands 2 – Canada west 3-0
Netherlands 3 – westside 2-1

Round 8:

Netherlands 1 – Slovenia A 1-2
Netherlands 2 – Lithuania 3-0
Netherlands 3 – Denmark 3-0

Update: the break has been announced! All the teams have broken to the octo finals. Team the Netherlands 3 breaks second, team the Netherlands 2 breaks ninth and team the Netherlands 1 breaks eleventh. An amazing result for the Dutch delegation, especially team the Netherlands 3 who are the best ESL team. Tomorrow the octo and quarter finals will be held and as always we will keep you up to date.

Day 4

The teams all feel confident but are still a bit nervous about their octo final. Team the Netherlands 1 is up against USA blue, team the Netherlands 2 is up against Romania Sava and team the Netherlands 3 is up against Germany red. Important to mention is that all our judges also broke as well!

The results of the Octo finals are as followed:

Netherlands 1 – USA blue 1-2
Netherlands 2 – Romania SAVA 2-1
Netherlands 3 – Germany red 2-1

Unfortunately team the Netherlands 1 is out of the tournament. We are all incredibly proud of their amazing performance! Commiserations to them.
In the quarter finals team the Netherlands 3 beat Slovenia A 4-1 and team the Netherlands 2 beat Canada west 5-0! They will be up against Canada east and Pakistan in the semis.

Day 5

Unfortunately both teams didn’t progress to the finals. Netherlands 2 lost on a 4-1 split against Pakistan and Netherlands 3 lost 5-0 against Canada east. The final was won by Pakistan in a 4-1 split. At the award ceremony the Dutch teams got showered with awards from multiple categories.

Netherlands 2 was awarded the trophy for best EFl team. Simon Martina-perez from Netherlands 3 was recognised as the best speaker in the ESL category. Floris Holstege was awarded the best speaker prize in the EFL category and seventh best speaker overall. Urmi Pahladsingh from team the Netherlands 2 was awarded third best speaker in the EFL category. Congratulations to all speakers and teams for their tremendous performance!

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