Dutch Worlds: To break or not to break?

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Dutch Worlds: To break or not to break?

The in-rounds of Dutch Worlds are over and the Dutch delegation is anxiously awaiting the results. The teams that were still ‘live’ to break in either the Open-category or the ESL-category are: Leiden A, Leiden B, Leiden C and Maastricht A. Unfortunately, the other teams are no longer able to break. Tonight at 00:00 the results will be announced. For some the start of excessive drinking, for others the start of excitement about the out-rounds to come, for Roel probably both.

The last two days were filled with debating, organising and debating politics. Volunteers were, as always, busy with handing out food and drinks, delivering ballots and doing countless other things to ensure a smooth running of the tournament. Some missed the morning alarm, which allowed them to catch a night with more than 7 hours of sleep. The second day was, like day 1, run without any delays. As the tensions increased and judge allocations became more important than ever, the tab-team unfortunately could not prevent some delays. All in all, it is safe to say the Dutch Worlds in-rounds were almost always on times. The orgcom and the tab-team made running 92 rooms simultaneously easy.

Although some teams regrettably were not able to perform to the fullest of their capabilities (Bona and Utrecht), other teams have performed amazingly. All Leiden teams, but especially A, B and C, probably still have a shot at breaking open. Floris and Lisa (Leiden C) were in the 2nd best room of the tournament yesterday. Being up against teams from Auckland, Monash, Oxford they unfortunately took a 4th. However, Floris was very happy when he came out of the room. It was the second best debate he had ever been in. His goal this WUDC, to debate against the best debaters in the world, had been reached already in the fourth round. Later that day, Roel and Devin (Leiden B) competed against universities such as Harvard. This WUDC proves the Leiden teams are part of the top teams that can currently be found in the debating community.

Not only Leiden has been performing incredibly well, Maastricht A has been one of the pleasant surprises this tournament. Entering the third day on 10 points, they needed 5 points on the last day to have a chance to break in the ESL-category. Katherina and Anna were always very modest and conservative in their predictions after every round, but outperformed many of their opponents again and again. It would be great for the Dutch delegation to welcome another breaking team next to the teams from Leiden.
In addition, Marike has been chairing quite some rooms and winged top-rooms the last two days. In the first article published this WUDC, Marike was introduced as one of the most promising judges in the Dutch circuit. Her ranking in the last six rounds has proved this has not gone unnoticed by the CA team at Dutch Worlds. She judged teams such as Sydney, Cambridge, Zagreb, Belgrade and Stanford. All teams have a serious chance at breaking ESL or open. Either leading the discussion with skill or contributing in top-panels in high rooms, Marike is the hope of Amsterdam’s success this WUDC.

Let’s hope tonight will bring great news for the Dutch delegations, with numerous speaking and judging breaks. Stay tuned for more!

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