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An update on the new editorial board, vision and plans of the Dutch debating blog 7/20

Written by Jelte Schievels

As many of you hopefully know, a new Bondsbestuur has been installed last October. One of the plans of this new board was to reenergize the famous Dutch Debating blog: Seventwenty (7/20). Seventwenty has been pretty active in the past, but has been a bit more quite the last few years. For those of you who are not familiar with what 7/20 is and what it is going to do, or for those of you who are aware what 7/20 is but would like to know what it is going to be: you have come to the right place. This short article will serve as an introduction to the new editorial board and what our plans are for the upcoming months.

What is 7/20?

As the editorial board of 7/20 (Jelte (chief editor), Daan S., Huyen and Jos), we have thought about what 7/20 is and should be. We set out a more structural and long-term vision regarding our beloved blog. After many brainstorm sessions and meetings, we decided 7/20 is a blog that serves the community and should therefore be in touch with the community. 7/20 should therefore welcome input from everybody. We as editors have a responsibility to create output, but, we don’t need to write it ourselves. The idea is that every editor will either write articles him/herself, or find other people in the community that want to contribute. You are thus very much invited to work with us: we are always looking for writers!

What content can you expect?

We want to write various types of articles, aimed at various types of audiences. Contrary to many Dutch politicians, we believe the average debater does not exist. Every debater is different in how he/she interacts with the community. It is therefore important our articles are diversified and do not only reach the very active debater, but also the less active debater, or perhaps, potentially interested debaters.

Content-wise, this means we want to focus on articles such as interviews, summaries of tournaments and Debate League evenings, tips & tricks and opinion pieces. Importantly, we want to write different kinds of interviews and tips & tricks for different types of debaters. And as always: we welcome any ideas!

Who are we?

In this section, every editor will briefly introduce him/herself. Don’t hesitate to contact us or approach us at tournaments if you have anything to say, ranging from criticism to wanting to become a writer!

Huyen Nguyen

Hallo everyone!

I’m Huyen, currently pursuing a PhD in Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam & Tinbergen Institute, alongside seriously fitting debate training & exercise plans into my schedule (as part of 2018 resolution-keep your thumbs up for me…). As a person who cares quite a lot about debating and our community spirit (so much so that the 2nd project in my PhD is now about debating), I jumped without second thought at the recruitment announcement for 720. My goal for 720 is, by means of contributing useful articles and interviews in our debating land, to foster a more close-knit Dutch debating community, both for international and Dutch debaters.

I am looking forward most in the next couple of months to writing a couple of insightful and entertaining pieces for 720 (first one is our 3rd Dutch Debating League in Rotterdam!) , attending a bunch of Dutch and European tournaments to prepare for the legendary Scottish EUDC, obtaining useful results in my debate speech mining project, and of course, have loads and loads of fun time with all of you!

Nederlands hoog!

Jos Buijvoets

Hi, my name is Jos, I am a law student from Tilburg. I joined 720 to do the thing I look forward to most in debating land in the upcoming months, to spread ideas about how we can do better that help debating land reach the next level (or two)

Daan Spackler

Hi! My name is Daan, but the most people in the community call me Spackler. I’m 19 years old, member of Trivium and arrogant enough to think that I can improve SevenTwenty this year. Articles that you can expect from me are actually all over the place. I’ve written pieces on the Dutch Debating League, but I will also do interviews and I’m in the middle of a writing fight with Roel about WSDC being better than AP.

My main goal this year is just entertaining and write articles that you enjoy, but I also like to provide insight in the Dutch Debating Community for the outside world. #inclusion ❤ Together with Huyen, Jelte and Jos, it’s going to be lit.

Spackler out.

Jelte Schievels

My name is Jelte, student at University College Utrecht and active at the Utrecht Debating Society. I am incredibly excited to be working with my talented fellow editors and hope to create a steady flow of articles with them over the next few months. With 7/20, I aim to spread the word about debating and show people both within and outside our community that debating is a fun, worthwhile activity that everybody should try!

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