Thailand WUDC 2020 – Outrounds

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Thailand WUDC 2020 – Outrounds

Written by: Mike Weltevrede

The outrounds of WUDC 2020 hosted a variety of motions. Unfortunately, these motions were only published as video titles to the streams (not to the tab) and the corresponding infoslides were not provided. Moreover, not all outrounds were streamed (probably because the speakers in those debates did not consent). Nonetheless, we will provide you with the motions that are known to us and the results of the three finals.

Edit (January 7, 2020): The motions tab has just been published to Tabbycat. The missing motions have been added to this article.

We will soon post some interviews with the Dutch participants at WUDC. For now, leave your comments on these motions and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

PS: Huyen and Angela judged the ESL and EFL semifinals, respectively!

EFL Category

This house prefers a world where, starting today, all humans have identical intellectual abilities (equivalent to the current global average)

EFL Semifinals

This house would abolish the private ownership of (housing) property in major metropolitan areas.

EFL Grand Finals

The EFL grand finals hosted the teams Rosario A (Bogotá, Colombia), TEC CEM A (Mexico City, Mexico), Kyushu B (Japan), and IT Bandung A (Indonesia). We congratulate the team from IT Bandung on taking home the trophy from Closing Opposition!

ESL Category

Under the “deferred happiness model” of parenting, there is strong emphasis on setting children up for a successful adulthood, including through a focus on academic or extracurricular achievement, structure, and discipline.

Under the “protected sphere model” of parenting, there is strong emphasis on “letting children be children”, including through a focus on playtime and personal enjoyment.

In a relatively equal society where the “protected sphere model” is the norm, This house, as a parent, would raise their children according to the “deferred happiness model”.

ESL Quarterfinals

A highly-valued startup has invented Neuralink technology, which allows people’s consciousnesses to be irreversibly uploaded into a powerful supercomputer and maintained indefinitely.

This house prefers a world without the Neuralink.

ESL Semifinals

This house believes that the United States government should cede the authority to prosecute criminal trials involving African Americans (as either victims or alleged perpetrator) to African Americans interest groups, and allocate funding for this.

ESL Grand Finals

In the ESL grand finals were the teams Solbridge A (Daejeon, South Korea), North South A (Dhaka, Bangladesh), Berlin C (Germany), and OU Israel A (Ra’anana, Israel). In the end, the Israeli team took the win from Closing Opposition; congratulations!

Open Category

This house prefers religions in which all individuals have roughly equal religious obligations and are encouraged to develop a personal connection with the divine, over religions in which religious obligation and access to the divine are concentrated in religious authority figures.

Open Partial Double Octofinals

This house prefers a cynical and pessimistic perception of democratic politics to an idealistic and optimistic one.

Open Octofinals

This house believes that developing countries should acquire, on the open market, large stakes in major publicly – traded global corporations (eg. Google, JP Morgan, Shell, and Pfizer).

Open Quarterfinals

This house prefers a “Brave New World” to the status quo in Western Liberal Democracies.

Open Semifinals

This house, as China, would grant universal suffrage to Hong Kong citizens.

Open Finals

The following teams made it to the grand finals of WUDC: Belgrade A (Serbia), Backpack (team information redacted from the tab), Yale A (Connecticut, USA), Macquarie B (Sydney, Australia). The people who can call themselves the champions of the world for the year 2020 are the speakers in team Backpack, congratulations!

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