Debatbond Board

The board of the Nederlandse Debatbond consists of 5 board members. On this page, we explain which functions each of these board members fulfils and for which tasks they are responsible. In the case that you are seeking contact with one of the board members, please send an email to or use one of their personal email addresses.

Tom Pouw – Chairperson
Tom is the chairperson of the Nederlandse Debatbond. Next to the usual tasks of the chairperson, Tom mainly is concerned with the relationships with individual boards of debating societies as well as social cohesion within the debating community. He stays in touch with boards to see what goes well at the society, what could go better, and how the Debatbond can help them in that regard. Moreover, he also organises a Board Day twice per year. For the social cohesion, he wants to organise multiple tournaments, such as a football tournament or a barbecue.

Tom has followed the master Indirect Tax at the VU Amsterdam and currently works as a tax lawyer at KPMG Meijburg. He is a member of ASDV Bonaparte.

Do you have a question for Tom? Then send an email to

Fenna ten Haaf – Treasurer
Fenna is the treasurer of the Nederlandse Debatbond. Fenna is responsible for the finances. Outside of that, she shall mainly be busy with supporting boards of societies and their members by writing manuals on all kinds of topics, as well as supporting member attraction. Moreover, she is responsible for facilitating workshops for societies.

Fenna follows the Master in Business Analytics and Quantitative Marketing (Econometrics and Management Science) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. She is a member of the Erasmus Debating Society where she has also served as Acquisition Committee member.

For questions to Fenna, you can send an email to

Mike Weltevrede – Secretary
Mike is the secretary of the Nederlandse Debatbond. Next to the administration, Mike is responsible for the communication to members and external parties. As such, he not only keeps an eye on the email inbox but also the website. Every other month, he sends out a newsletter to the members of the Debatbond. Apart from this, Mike is responsible for the transparency of the Debatbond to its members. In this regard, he is present at debating tournaments in an official capacity and also serves as editor-in-chief of SevenTwenty. Mike is also personally responsible for the rejuvenated Dutch Debating League.

Mike pursues the Master Econometrics and Mathematical Economics at Tilburg University. He is a member of T.D.V. Cicero where he has also served as Advisory Board member.

Mike can be reached via email at

Axel Hirschel – General board member
Axel is one of the general board members of the Nederlandse Debatbond. His goal, together with Gigi, is to do research regarding the current status of the Dutch debating community and what it needs. By means of this data, they will concretise the policy. Lastly, Axel is also the person to talk to for the PR to make the Debatbond visible all year round.

Axel studied Data Science at the University of Amsterdam. At this moment, he works as Data Scientist at Aegon. He is a member of ASDV Bonaparte.

Contacting Axel can be done via

Gigi Gil – General board member
Gigi is one of the general board members of the Nederlandse Debatbond. Next to the research that Gigi will conduct with Axel, she will aim her endeavours at the debate technical area, for example by realising a national debate training programme. Moreover, she is involved with tournaments, especially linked to demand (e.g. tournaments specifically for novice debaters). Lastly, she also investigates the survival of debating in Dutch, together with Axel.

Gigi follows a Master in Medicine at Leiden University. She is also a member of the Leiden Debating Union.

If you have questions for Gigi, you are always welcome to contact her via