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ByYige Liu

[Leiden Open 2021] Definitely a memorable experience

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This year, the first-ever online Leiden Open was held on the 27th and 28th of March. The tournament ran on a mixture of online platforms including Discord and Zoom. After 5 preliminary rounds of debate, the top 16 teams broke to the quarterfinals as well as the top 4 Pro-Am teams who broke to the Pro-Am final. At the end of the weekend, Klaudia Maciejewska and Kat Jansen brought the trophy home by winning the Grand Final!

As someone fairly new to the Dutch debate circuit, debating at Leiden Open 2021 was definitely a memorable experience for me. With teams from Croatia to the Philippines, you were bound to run into experienced opponents from all over the world. On top of that, the qualified adjudicators only added to the quality of the tournament. 

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ByMike Weltevrede

[Bonapartian Debate Tournament 2021] Unfortunately, no “Axel bun” or “Amber pistolet”

One of the most useful skills you gain from competitive debating is to be able to think and react quickly. You can use this in your studies, your work, and sometimes even at the kitchen table. You may learn this even better in the American Parliamentary debate format than in British Parliamentary debates (especially when the debates are in your native tongue). I really like that about AP and that’s why I participated with Jos Buijvoets (who doesn’t know him?) in the Bonapartian Debate Tournament 2021.

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ByJoris Graff

[Utrecht Online Open 2021] The highest echelon of online debate tournaments

Although the Utrecht Debating Society has long been one of the reliable pillars of the Dutch debating world, the association had never organized an international tournament. Until 2018, the English-language UCU Opens, which were organized by the independent University College Utrecht, took place but after this small association collapsed, a gaping void in the middle of the Netherlands emerged on the international debate map. Until January 2021, because the association seized the transition to online debating to organize the first Utrecht Online Open, without being dependent on the excessive rates that Utrecht University demands for accommodation. Thus, on Saturday, January 16, debaters from the American West Coast to India gathered in a shared cyberspace to experience the organizational science of the Dom city.

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ByRoel Becker

[Nijmegen Open 2020] Getting more and more used to online debating

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On December 19, 2020, the first Nijmegen Online Open took place. It was great to see the lovely Trivium organize another competition, especially because the society has certainly seen its ups and downs over the last years. On top of that, it was a special competition for me personally: Nijmegen is where I grew up, started debating, and the place where I CAd my first (and now probably last) competition.

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ByNederlandse Debatbond

The Netherlands wins the European Debating Championships!

After nine preliminary rounds and seven final rounds in total, two teams of the Leiden Debating Union have won the finals of the European Debating Championships! Katharina Margareta Jansen and Louis Honee did not only reach the finals for teams with English as a Second Language (ESL) but also the open finals. David Metz and Emma Lucas also reached the open finals; there were two Dutch teams in this final round!

In the end, Katharina and Louis have won the ESL finals and David and Emma are taking home the trophy for the open finals. This is an incredibly impressive achievement!

We have also kept a live blog with more information per day. Check that out here!

You can watch the ESL finals here
You can watch the open finals here
ByEUDC, WUDC and WSDC Reporter

[Astana EUDC 2020] The European Debating Championships

Day 1

By: Harmen de Jong (Utrecht Debating Society)

Today (August 2, 2020) was the first day of the Astana EUDC, the European Championships in debating. Because of the coronavirus, the tournament takes place on Discord and Zoom, so a trip to Kazakhstan is unfortunately not possible. Partially because everyone can join from their living room, the judge panels are very strong this year; every room has 3 to 5 judges and many rooms even have two judges that I would put in the chair, without a doubt. Do expect a competitive judge break and strong calls, even though Leiden A did actually earn the first place in round 3.

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ByMike Weltevrede

[Delft Open 2020] The first online tournament in the Netherlands!

The corona crisis hit everything, including the debate sport. Earlier this year, the Erasmus Rotterdam Open, the Kalliope Groningen Open, and the Benelux Debate Competition, among others, already fell at the virus’ hand. Where several (student) debating tournaments were held online internationally, this was not the case in the Netherlands. However, the TU Delft Debating Club did not give up: they simply held their debating tournament online!

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ByMike Weltevrede

[Online Schools Debate Tournament 2020] High school students cross the verbal swords online

In these times of corona it is difficult to practice our hobby: debating0. Student societies and the Dutch Schools Debating College sometimes hold online evenings and training sessions, but almost all tournaments have been cancelled. That is why the Nederlandse Debatbond organized an online debate tournament on May 10, especially for high school students.

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ByPjotr Koster

[Leiden Open 2020] Social interactions through slightly too small pub rooms

During the weekend of 29th of February and 1st of March, there was a little tournament called Leiden Open 2020. This debating tournament did not only have a strong CA team but also had a crazy good judge pool, which meant that the feedback was excellent. This was of course complemented by great (international) teams ranging from Leiden to the London School of Economics. Trivium was sadly only represented by myself and the powerhouse that is Mara Burgstede.

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ByThomas Nighswonger

[Eindhoven Open 2020] The first-ever Eindhoven Open!

Editor’s note: From this tournament report on, we will use a new style where we give a shorter summary of the tournament and then dive deeper into one of the motions at the tournament so that this may be used for training purposes, for example. The writer will propose one argument in favour and one against. We welcome everyone to leave their thoughts on the motion in the comments at the bottom of the page!

On the first weekend of February, the days were finally here: the first-ever Eindhoven Open. We knew the CA team was excellent, we knew the Eindhoven debating society, so we were all really excited for the tournament. And looking back at the tournament now, I think we can all agree that it was a big success and definitely deserves another edition next year.

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