In the Netherlands, debate tournaments where debaters can cross verbal swords are organised on a regular basis. These tournaments are generally organised by debating societies.

The Nederlandse Debatbond plays a role when allocating and recognizing NK (Dutch Debating Championships) titles and is involved with organizing the Dutch Debating League. In the past, the Nederlandse Debatbond was involved with organizing the Nederlandse Debatmasters and the Dutch Mace, which are both no longer organized.

At tournaments organised by the Nederlandse Debatbond and its affiliated societies, the novice regulations are used to determine whether a speaker is a novice debater.

Do you want to import this debating calendar into your own one? Then take a look at the Dutch Debating Calendar!

Tournaments that will be held in the Netherlands this year

DateTournament NameFormatLanguageRegistrationMiscellaneous remarks
April 24, 2021Tilburg Women’s openBrits ParlementairEnglishTeams, JudgesOnly for women
May 8 & 9, 2021Groningen OpenBritish ParliamentaryEnglishTeams, Judges
May 15 & 16, 2021Erasmus Rotterdam OpenBritish ParliamentaryEnglishTeams & judges
May 22, 2021Dutch Debating Championships (NK Debatteren) (Utrecht)British ParliamentaryDutchTeams & judges
June 5, 2021NK EloquentiaEloquentiaDutch and English

Tournaments for high school debaters

The following tournaments are only open to high school students, but everyone is welcome to judge.

DateTournament NameFormatLanguageRegistration
March 19, 2021Benelux debatcompetitie online 3Lagerhuis+, Hogerhuis, RetoricaDutchOpen
April 23, 2021Benelux debatcompetitie online 4Lagerhuis+, Hogerhuis, RetoricaDutchOpen
June 4, 2021Benelux debatcompetitie online 5Lagerhuis+, Hogerhuis, RetoricaDutchOpen

Tournaments that have already taken place

DateTournament NameFormatLanguageMiscellaneous remarks
March 21 and 22, 2020 Erasmus Rotterdam Open British Parliamentary EnglishCancelled due to coronavirus
March 28, 2020 NK Beleidsdebatteren Policy Debate DutchCancelled due to coronavirus
April 4, 2020Benelux Debattoernooi HilversumLagerhuis+, Hogerhuis, RetoricaDutchCancelled due to coronavirus
April 11DSDC OpenWorld SchoolsEnglishCancelled due to coronavirus
May 2 and 3, 2020Kalliope Groningen OpenBritish ParliamentaryEnglishCancelled due to coronavirus
May 9, 2020Benelux Debattoernooi HoofddorpLagerhuis+, Hogerhuis, RetoricaDutchCancelled due to coronavirus
May 10, 2020Online Schools Debate TournamentAmerican ParliamentaryDutchOnly open to high school students but everyone is welcome to judge
June 13, 2020Brabants Debattoernooi (Breda)American ParliamentaryDutch
June 20 and 21, 2020Delft OpenBritish ParliamentaryEnglish
June 27, 2020Benelux Debattoernooi Finals DayLagerhuis+, Hogerhuis, RetoricaDutchCancelled due to coronavirus
October 30, 2020Online Benelux DebattoernooiLagerhuis+, Hogerhuis, RetoricaDutchOnly open to high school students but everyone is welcome to judge
November 1, 2020Halloween Pro-Am (online)British ParliamentaryEnglishAt least 1 inexperienced debater per team
November 28 & 29, 2020Online Dutch Schools Debate ChampionshipWorld SchoolsEnglishOnly open to high school students but everyone is welcome to judge
November 28 & 29, 2020Amsterdam Open (online)British ParliamentaryEnglish
December 11 2020Benelux debattoernooi onlineLagerhuis+, Hogerhuis, RetoricaDutchOnly open to high school students but everyone is welcome to judge
December 19, 2020Nijmegen Online OpenBritish ParliamentaryEnglish
January 16 & 17, 2021Utrecht Online OpenBritish ParliamentaryEnglish
February 7, 2021Dutch Oxford SchoolsBritish ParliamentaryEnglishOnly open to high school students but everyone is welcome to judge
February 13, 2021Bonapartiaans Debattoernooi (Amsterdam)American ParliamentaryDutch
February 27 & 28, 2021Leiden OpenBritish ParliamentaryEnglish

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